Your second challenge is to check your company's information in the company profile. Verify data and update it if necessary, and also be sure to add a tax number and website address if you have it.

Then check the billing details (if they differ from main details), and be sure to provide email for billing information.

Why is it important to have company profile completed? Because every time you invite another company to connect with on the CargoX Platform, they will see your company's data. If you leave all fields empty - the recipient will have no clue who wants to connect with hem, preventing them to check whether they know and work with you in the real world, so they might reject your invitation to connect.

Once companies are connected on the CargoX Platform, they can see each other's details, so make sure you have entered the correct address, phone, website, etc.

If not done yet, upload your company's logo. 

HINT: Manage | Company profile

If you need help editing the company profile, here are the step-by-step instructions.

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