Before you can exchange documents over the CargoX Platform, you first need to connect with other companies over the platform.

Therefore, as a task four, take a look in your Contacts section to see which companies you are already connected to. Also check whether your colleagues have already sent the invitations to connect to some companies; or whether you have some pending invitations from others. 

Then send invitations to connect to three new companies (might be your business and transport partners, or anyone who your company sends to or receives documents from).

All you need to do is provide their email, and system will do the rest - again this will work only if your account has permissions to do it.

HINT: You might want to explain about CargoX to your partners first, so that our invitation email does not get them completely by surprise. We have prepared some nice email templates to do just that.

What will happen?

If they are not yet on the CargoX platform, they will have to complete the registration process before you will see them in your contacts list (5-minute process).  

If they already have a CargoX account, they only need to accept your invitation to connect (1-click process)

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