Your fifth and the last task is to create your first Smart envelope and attach a document to it.

There are two main ways how to create an envelope:

  • create a new one (compose)
  • choose a received document and click forward on it 

If you have not received any envelope yet, then your inbox is empty. If you do see some envelopes in the Inbox, they might be important so better not mess around with those. 

So just compose a new envelope and upload a new document from your computer. Then set the document type to master bill of lading. Explore editing document's properties. Add number of the document, select designated release agent. Enter an email or two in the notify party section. On the next tab add some tags. Once done click Save and return to the envelope. Provide a message below.

Because in a previous task you have already connected with several companies via your Contacts section, you can now select a recipient for your envelope.

Once you are done, seal the envelope. Sealed document is prepared for sending. You did it. Bravo. You can now unseal the envelope or directly delete the draft.

NOTE: To automate this step and prevent repetitive work we would like to invite you to explore options of integrating CargoX Platform via our API. Integrating it with your backend/ERP system will drastically speed up the process of preparing and sending documents.

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