Early 2020

Generation 3 of the CargoX Platform is now live and available to customers.
Rebuild from scratch, platform features a brand new architecture that substantially simplifies the use and offers greater flexibility. 

Sea freight is still the focus, but platform now supports all other modalities and also other industries, as it moves CargoX towards a digital courier. 

Platform is now known as the CargoX Platform. Open to all companies worldwide, available at https://cargox.digital.

5 August 2019

Various optimizations and bug fixes.

1 February 2019

Between other minor changes the most notable new features are:

  • Separation of login and registration workflows makes it easier to access CargoX.
  • Login now pushes for username and password. Keys are now less exposed and needed only for users that will trigger actions that are written to the blockchain (transfer B/L, release cargo...). This should simplify usage of the app substantially.
  • Registration process is simplified as less information is required. 
  • Smart B/L application now has a landing page (https://smartbl.io/), which provides the users with a nice and friendly information about the app instead of going directly to the login page. 
  • The seal/transfer popups now include active links to the listed documents, making it much more convenient to quickly open and inspect them before sending further.
  • When you are creating the Smart B/L™ from the WYSIWYG form, a draft is saved although you don't finish the process. You can always return to the document and finish it later without loosing the data.

4 January 2019

  • Several minor fixes and under the hood optimizations.
  • Introduction of My profile page under settings, where user can see their information, account permissions, set or change password and link account with the blockchain key.
  • Support for localization of CargoX interface, with Slovenian added as a first language besides English (simplified Chinese coming next).

10 December 2018

This version brings substantial internal optimizations and architecture changes which not only enable stronger API for 3rd-party integrations but also simplification for end users. Here are the new features:

  • Username and password login for sub-accounts. This version features initial support for logging in with username/password. Currently enabled for new accounts only. Support for old account due with next version. Users may log in and interact with the application (e.g. view and seal B/Ls). The private key is still needed for blockchain actions (transfer document, release cargo) and is requested only when it's actually needed.
  • Easier adding of new users. Connected with the previous topic, the Ethereum address is now not necessary anymore when adding new users. Users only need to add the key the first time they actually use it.
  • Initial support for third-party platforms. We now have an API set up which will allow 3rd-party platforms access their clients on CargoX platform. This means they are able to register their clients and manage their users, permissions, templates...
  • Security fixes. We have cleared up all known security issues that were reported by recent independent audit.
  • Registration tracking. Users may now sign up using another email other than the one that the invite was sent to.
  • Transfer notes. When transferring a document, the user may now add an optional note (e.g. "We're returning this document because the vessel name is wrong.")
  • Original download. Users may now download documents without a watermark (if they are the current holder -- this is even the default action) or with a watermark.
  • The version also includes some other minor changes and bugfixes, so feel free to explore.

7 November 2018

This was a "maintenance release" which did not include a lot of shocking new features, but we still did manage to complete some important improvements.

To highlight just a few things:

  • It's finally possible to use multiple addresses with Trezor wallets.
  • B/L are now grouped in the table if you get the same B/L multiple times (e.g. if it's returned), table is now sortable and searchable
  • Users are now able to clear the notifications.
  • Most email input boxes now accept multiple email addresses (e.g. for invites, notifications...). Please mind that the emails are checked for validity so sending an email to non-existing domain (e.g. [email protected]) will not work.
  • Any user may now get all the same permissions as the primary user. This is an important feature which decreases the importance of the primary/admin account. The primary (master) key may now be safely stored away as everything can be done with "simple" users.
  • Permissions schemes have been further refined so a lot more fine-grained permissions are possible in this version.
  • Some improvements have been done on template editor (it's now possible to clone and delete templates)..

24 October 2018

This version includes the much-requested features such as:

  • Clear history for negotiable bill of ladings
  • Support for House, Master B/Ls and Telex releases and Sea waybills.
  • Support for custom workflows.
  • Support for custom/any number of actors in the workflow.
  • The ability to return documents to sender.
  • Document attachments -- including a certificate of origin, invoice, warranty or similar.
  • Many more smaller enhances, UX optimizations and fixes
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