Managing your CargoX Platform account is simpler and more intuitive as managing your physical paper documents.

Why Smart?

If you think about it, in the real world you never send a document - you always send an envelope. Each envelope can contain one or several documents, and of course to send it you have to provide a destination address, so that courier can find the recipient.

Same thing on the CargoX Platform. We have envelopes and documents, but because our technology and public blockchain preserve all the properties of the physical paper documents, while adds numerous benefits like security and speed of transfer, we call ours smart envelopes and smart documents

Smart envelope allows you to send one or several smart documents to a recipient. 

Smart document is any one document, represented by a PDF file or any other supported file format. Each document uploaded on the CargoX Platform gets a digital fingerprint, which allows parties to verify the authenticity of the document (whether document is unchanged original or not). Also, on document level, CargoX provides a full timestamped audit log - documenting all events of that document (when any by whom it was created, each ownership transfer, and finally (if) the accomplishment of the document).

Your Inbox

Everything starts in your inbox. On the left side there are four well known folders that hold your smart envelopes: Inbox, Drafts, Sent and Archive. Red number indicates how many envelopes require our attention (in inbox that would mean they are yet unread).

Each line in the middle section of the screen represents one smart envelope. First line visually stands out, as we have not yet opened this envelope. Nevertheless we can already see who we received it from, when, which documents are within and some additional information.

To open an envelope just click on it. Immediately we see the contents - including a message (optional) at top, followed by the complete list of included documents (with live preview). At the bottom we have several action buttons available.

Document types and blockchain support

CargoX Platform supports many document types, including but not limited to different bills of lading, certificates, letters of credit, invoices, reports, claims... Depending on the document type these documents can have full, partial or no blockchain support

What does that mean? CargoX Platform can guarantee the authenticity (whether digital document is an unchanged original) and track the ownership of any document (who currently has a document in possession). 

Some documents, like a B/L which is a document of title, need both. B/L document is not allowed to be changed along the way, but it is equally important to know who owns it. Hence it requires full blockchain support (tracking authenticity and ownership), indicated by a document icon with a solid background. 

But for other documents like certificates, it is only important to be able to guarantee the authenticity, or with other words, detect whether document is identical to the original. In the CargoX Platform this is called partial blockchain support - indicated by a document icon with a partly solid background. Here ownership is not important as anyone can create a legitimate copy of the certificate and still use it for original purpose (for example distributor of goods gives a copy of manufacturer's certificate to every retailer),  but at the same time it is important to know who issued this certificate and that document you have is still identical to the issued on (so it is the original).

And then we have a third type of documents which are just your plain vanilla type digital document like an invoice or a note, which we are all today happily exchanging via email, and which require no special features (no blockchain support - indicated by an icon without a solid background). Besides the convenience of having all your documents in one envelope on one platform, there are further benefits why use CargoX to send these documents. One is the digital storage (archive) provided by CargoX, and the other is that even for these documents CargoX is calculating digital fingerprint which results in a trail. Audit log for these files is stored off blockchain, but still, you have some digital trail that you have sent a document and proof that document was received by the recipient (and not intercepted and changed by third party hacker etc) - something that email does can not provide!


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