In order to help you get up to speed using the CargoX Platform, here is the overview of the interface.

#1 Inbox: The main, central part of the screen shows the list of smart envelopes that hold documents. Every line represents one smart envelope, and the rounded icons are the attached documents. Once you click on the envelope, a side panel will open showing you more details. To learn more, read the Smart envelopes and documents.  

#2 Search: A powerful search allows you to quickly find any document. Enter search terms. You can also narrow your search using the tags like Sender:  or Document type:. Although most of the documents are unstructured PDFs the search tries to find matching keywords in their content as well. Still, its best practice to use tags and manually entered meta data when uploading new documents for best results. 

#3: Compose button:  Begins the process of creating a new smart envelope, allowing you to send not only a copy of documents and a message, but also transfer ownership of the document.

#4 Mail folders: Your envelopes (we also call them mail) is sorted in 4 folders. Inbox shows documents currently in your possession (you own these documents). You can perform action on all documents you own. Drafts shows all the envelopes you started working on. Sent contains envelopes that were sent to others, and Archive is a place where you put envelopes and documents you have completed working on. Like cleaning up your desk on Friday.

#5 Manage: This sections allows you to manage your company's account specifics:

  • Rules and Filters allows you to set up custom notifications depending on the various rules (i.e. send email notification to Jim if we received a document from company ABC where there is a B/L document with voyage number 123).
  • In Company details you can edit all of your company's information, including address, VAT number and logo (only if you have permission to do so).
  • Users section allows you to create accounts for your colleagues (only if you have permission to do so). You can also manage and delete existing users, change their permissions and de/activate blockchain keys. You can add unlimited users under your Company's account.

#6 Contacts: See details of the companies you are connected with on the CargoX Platform. In the contacts, you can send an invitation to connect to other companies (your business and transport partners). As a security feature you can only exchange documents with companies you are connected to, therefore it is mandatory to be connected.

#7 Account: Holds your user account's specific settings, like:

  • My profile where you can edit your personal data, add your phone number, manage your blockchain keys, change the password, and upload your avatar photo.

#8 Company logo:  Clicking on company's logo or name opens Company profile page.

#9 Account balance: Displays the number of Credits you have available on your account. Click here for detailed summary of your credits. While majority of document types can be sent for free, some specific documents have an associated cost. For example to send a Bill of Lading document it costs sender 1 Credit. Prices can be seen when composing a new envelope.

#10 Notifications:  The bell icon will display a red circle with a number of unread notifications when your attention is needed. Clicking on this icon opens up the notifications bar, which displays notifications regarding received envelopes, new contacts, blockchain keys...

#11 Your avatar photo: Allows you to check whether your blockchain key is locked or unlocked, and provides shortcuts to your profile and other settings.

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