To access My profile page, click on the Account | My profile. You can also access it directly by clicking your avatar icon and choosing one of the My profile links at the bottom.

You can review your permissions, change your personal details, change password and set up your blockchain keys. You can also review your last login attempts.

Page is split into Personal details, Privacy and security and App settings tabs.

Personal details

You can review your personal details here. 

You start only with email address, but you should add your other contact details and other data (email, phone, department, position). 

Just click the Edit your details button to add data, and upload your avatar picture.  

Privacy & Security

This tab gives you the possibility to change your access details - blockchain key and password. You can also review your last logins and view permission of your account.

Your blockchain keys

All blockchain keys linked to your account are displayed below. You see blockchain key's public address, type, when it was added, and also whether it is active. Users can have several keys and use them independently. 

To add a new blockchain key, click the Add new blockchain key button, and follow step by step instructions to add a key.

Once added, blockchain key needs to be activated before it can be used. Depending on your account's permissions you can activate the key yourself, or must await for your administrators to do it. In this case you will get email notification once the key is activated.

Same is true for disabling of the key, which can be initiated by clicking the Disable button. If the key was added but not yet activated you can also remove it by pressing the Remove button. 

Login with password

By default all user accounts can use username+password to login to the platform, as indicated in the green message. You can change this and only use blockchain key(s) to login to the platform.

Also you can change your login password by clicking on the Change password button and entering your current and new passwords.

Login history

As a security feature here you can review your last login attempts. You can check timestamp and IP address from which login method was attempted. If all of them are Successful and come from your IPs then you are OK, but if this is not the case someone might be trying to hack your account.

App permissions

At the bottom of the screen you can review permissions for your CargoX account. These were set by company administrator(s) at the time they created an account for you. Click here for detailed explanation of permissions.

App settings

Last tab shows the possibilities to customize your user experience.

If you are working on a mobile device or on a computer with a small screen you should check out the compact layout mode

If you prefer the black background, you can activate the dark mode.

Both settings do not affect any functionality, as they have visual impact only.

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