Rules and Filters section allows you to prepare a "cookbook" or a rule how the platform behaves in case something specific happens. 

This is especially useful in situations where your company exchanges lots of envelopes, and not all of your users need to see all these mails. Using rules allows you to setup which envelopes trigger a notification sent to all users, or to a particular user only. 

Combining rules with filters allows users to filter which envelopes they see in the application.

How to setup a rule?

  1. Go to Manage | Rules and click on the green Add rule button.
  2. In the window that opens, provide the name for this rule first.
  3. Then click in the When box and choose the trigger. For example in the picture below user has chosen Envelope received, which means that this rule will be triggered every time this company receives a new envelope.
  4. Click in the Select action field and choose one action. Below two possible actions are displayed - send email to (specific email address) - or - Send email to all users in my company (which will send email notification for new received envelope to all CargoX users  from your company. 
  5. Finally click the Save rule button to save and activate the rule.

NOTE: Expansion of possible triggers and actions is coming in Q2 2020!

How to setup a filter?

Filters are coming in Q2 2020!

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