Each time something important happens with your CargoX account, the notification icon will lit up and display a brief description. This happens when you receive a document, or when some company sends you an invitation to connect (or reacts to your invitation), or when new credits are loaded onto your account... companies first need to connect on the CargoX Platform. For explanation read the Contacts section.

Notification icon will lit up! 

A red icon with a number will display number of notifications you have not yet checked.

Once you click on it, an notification windows will appear. The list is actionable, and will take you to the appropriate section of the CargoX Platform. For example when you will see a pending invitation, click on it will take you to the Contacts, where you will have opportunity to verify and accept invitation.

If you click on the View all notifications link, you will be taken to a page where you can also review your past notifications.

Depending on whether you sent the invitations or just received them, display will be slightly different. You can see a log of your past actions (whether you accepted or rejected the invitation to connect).

Clicking on a notification will indicate that you have read it or acted on it.

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