When your envelope is prepared to be transferred (it must be sealed first), you can send it. To verify whether envelope is sealed, you can look for the seal stamp (on the logo of the recipient) or at the action buttons available (if the Seal button is available, then envelope is not yet sealed).

Step1: Click the Transfer button

To transfer the envelope to the recipient, all you need to do is click on the green Transfer button.

You can do that while viewing the envelope (at the bottom of the screen):

Or when looking at envelopes in your Drafts folder (notice button at the end of the line):


Step 2: Transfer process

Sending the envelope (document) is irreversible process. This means that once sent, you can can not undo the process. As ownership of the documents is being transferred, this transaction is written to the blockchain. To initiate it you must authenticate (sign) this action with your blockchain key.

NOTE: If you do not have a blockchain key linked to your CargoX account you can not initiate the transfer (although you have full permissions to do so). Add a blockchain key to continue.

Depending on the several factors this process might have between 2 and 4 steps (as indicated in the progress bar at the top of the window). 

If you have one blockchain key linked to your account, and key is unlocked (which means you used it to login to the CargoX Platform, or you have already unlocked the blockchain key once this session), you will see only two steps (Review + Sign & Transfer).

If you have one blockchain key linked to your account, but the key is locked (which means you logged in using email and password, or have locked the key manually), you will see three steps (Review + Unlock blockchain key + Sign & Transfer)

And finally, if you have several blockchain keys you will see up to four steps in this process (Review + Choose blockchain key + Unlock blockchain key + Sign & Transfer).

Step 2.1: Review

Transfer process always starts with the review of the action. Please carefully review which documents you are about to transfer, and especially to whom! You can also review the message you attached to the envelope. Once ready to continue click the green Next button.

Step 2.2: Select blockchain key (optional)

You will only see this screen (step) if you have more than one blockchain key linked to your CargoX account. System will display all your blockchain keys and allow you to select the one you wish to use to sign this transaction and initiate transfer process. Select it and click the green Next button.

Step 2.3: Unlock blockchain key (optional)

You will only see this screen (step) if your blockchain key is locked. To continue you should unlock it now. Unlocking process depends on your blockchain key type. If you use the keystore file which is default for CargoX Platform, just click Choose file button and provide your keystore file + type your key password below (or copy file contents if you were unable to download file). Click Next to continue. 

NOTE: If you use other key types, follow onscreen instructions and consult guides for Trezor, Ledger and Metamask

Step 2.4: Sign and Transfer

Your blockchain key is ready to be used. To confirm and initiate this transaction, confirm that you know this action is irreversible, then click the green Sign & Transfer button.

Step 3: Transfer completed

After you initiate the transfer, you will first see the real time status of blockchain transactions.

After a few seconds once the transaction is generated and sent to the blockchain, you will see a summary. Transfer is initiated.

Step 4: Visibility and audit log

To verify the status of the transaction, go to your Sent folder.

You can immediately see status of envelopes that are in transit, as they have the orange SENDING tag present as seen below. 

Depending on the state of the blockchain network transfers take around 30 seconds. Sometimes they clear in just one second, but sometimes it can take up to a few minutes.

Once the orange SENDING tag disappears, just click on the envelope to see the details. Here you can see that envelope was delivered (green tag) and also timestamp when it came in the possession of the recipient (Toy Factory Ltd). 

CargoX Platform provides superb visibility with a per-document transaction log. Each document ownership or state change is written to the audit log, which you can see at any time by clicking on the Audit log button (and confirming on the blockchain).


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