NOTE: Only a user with Company manager permission is able to manage users, change their access rights/permissions, activate or deactivate their blockchain keys and passwords and remove existing users.

Step 1: Enter user management

To access users management, go to Manage | Users.

Step 2: User overview

User management page gives you an overview of all existing users, including their email, blockchain key address, last login information and their permissions.

To view detailed information about the user click on the user.

Step 3: Managing existing users (1/2) - Permissions and personal details

Please note that user's information is displayed in two tabs - Personal details and Privacy & Security.

To edit existing user, just click the Edit user button at the bottom of the screen. A popup screens similar to the ones when adding users (steps 3 & 4) will appear, where you can change user's basic information and on the next screen also user's permissions. 

Click the green Save changes button below to complete the process.

Step 4: Managing existing users (2/2) - User's password and blockchain key(s)

Click on the second tab (Privacy & Security) to manage user's login options and blockchain key(s).

Clicking the Reset button will send user an email allowing him to reset the password.

You can also Disable the password login for the user (allowing only login with a blockchain key - if user has it). 

Below you can views public addresses of user's blockchain keys, Here you can Approve and activate newly added keys, or Disable already active key.

Users will receive an automatic email after their key is activated or deactivated.

Click Close to finish managing user.

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