2.4. Composing and sending ACI envelope


The public pilot ACI for Air Freight began on 15 May 2022 and will become mandatory on 1 October 2022. ACI filings for Air Freight undergo the same process as introduced with ACI for Sea Freight. The only difference between the two ACI types (Air and Sea) is the introduction of a new document type in the case of ACI for Air Freight - Air WayBill Copy (AWBC), which is replacing a mandatory document type in the case of ACI for Sea Freight - Bill of Lading Copy (BLC).


Quick instructions: First unlock your blockchain key. Then, once your company is verified, click the green Compose button and choose Egyptian ACI envelope. Enter the ACID number. Provide all required documents (either via upload, or from Inbox) and fill in the properties. Seal and then transfer the envelope. You are done.

You can also watch a tutorial video or follow the extensive step-by-step guide below. You can also download this guide as PDF.


Egyptian customs require that only verified exporters can initiate the ACI filing. To check whether you have completed the CargoX company verifications process go to My company | Get Verified. If you see a screen similar to this one (three green checkmarks) then you are ready to continue.


2.4.1. Filing a new ACI envelope

Step 1: Create a new Egypt ACI envelope

Click the green Compose button to create a new envelope. You will see an envelope selection window:


To continue, select the Egypt ACI envelope, which will create a new blank ACI envelope:


The recipient field is already preselected, as it is only possible to send ACI envelope to the Egyptian customs.

To send the ACI envelope you do not need to be connected with the Egypt customs on the CargoX Platform, nor with any other company (like your importer).

Step 2: ACID number

Enter the ACID number for your export shipment in the first field.

This is the number you should have received from your Egyptian importer and NAFEZA. Number is generated no longer than 48 hours after your importer registers the import shipment with the Egyptian customs authority (NAFEZA).

ACID number will be verified at the later point, so make sure this is a valid ACID number.


Step 3: Attach documents

A typical ACI filing will contain these five documents. On the top of the envelope you can see the checklist that will help you attach all the needed documents.


Please note that depending on your shipment, more documents might be required (various certificates etc). Please check the list of accepted documents and supported file formats for ACI filing.

You can either upload a document from your computer, or select one that you received via the CargoX Platform. You can also mix both methods.

- Uploading local documents

Use the gray Upload new button to upload documents from your computer. To add documents from your computer select one or multiple documents in the file browser and confirm upload. You can also drag and drop documents from your file explorer or finder app to the draft envelope in your browser.


- Adding them from your inbox

Use the gray Choose from inbox button to attach documents from the Inbox folder. Inbox contains documents received over the CargoX Platform that are currently in your possession.

In the Choose document pop-up select the documents you want to attach and click the green Add to draft button.

- You can also remove documents from the draft

To remove the documents, just click the gray Remove button next to them, and confirm removal in the dialog.

This will not really delete the document from your CargoX Platform account, but it will just remove it from the draft envelope you work on.

Step 4: Add additional information in properties

For each uploaded document you have to provide mandatory document type information.


Click the Properties button for a specific document and select its Document type.

Use the drop-down menu to scroll through all available document types, or click in the field and start typing to filter down the possibilities.


Some document types such as bills of lading or certificates can have more mandatory fields that you need to fill. These fields are clearly marked with the red This field is required! label.


In the screenshot example below, the user selects the Certificate of origin and needs to provide a mandatory values - the Certificate number (user copies the certificate number from the uploaded document).



Documents added from the Inbox already have properties these set, as their uploaded did it.

Step 5: Save the document changes

Once you are satisfied with the properties of the document, click the green Save button to return to the envelope view.

You can repeat the process of providing properties for other uploaded documents, or upload or add another document.

If you scroll to the top of the ACI envelope window, you will see the checklist getting check marks as specific documents are added to the envelope. This is just a visual indicator to help you.

Please note that you are still responsible to check with customs which documents are required based on the particularities of your shipment.

Step 5.1: Validation of structured excel Inovice (For structured excel Invoice documents only)


Validation service is a convenience feature, that checks the uploaded NAFEZA-specified Excel invoice document against NAFEZA. As such you will get the information whether the uploaded excel invoice will be accepted by NAFEZA or not before sending the ACI envelope. Please note that CargoX will not stop you from Sealing and Transferring the envelope even when it contains an excel invoice that failed to validate. If you submit such a document and NAFEZA ultimately rejects it (informing you via email), you will need to reupload and resend the correct document.

After you identify the uploaded Excel file as an Invoice and close the Properties box by clicking Save, a document validation process will start. You will see a green DOCUMENT VALIDATION IN PROGRESS (BY NAFEZA) status. After a couple of seconds, you will see the result.

If the document passes the NAFEZA validation, you will see a green notification THE DOCUMENT WAS SUCCESSFULLY VALIDATED BY NAFEZA. You might also see a warning next to this status. If you put a mouse cursor over the warning you will see details. You can continue with Step 6 below.

If the document does not pass the NAFEZA validation, you will see a red warning NAFEZA FAILED TO VALIDATE THE DOCUMENT (N ERRORS). If you put a mouse cursor over the N ERRORS (N is the number of identified errors), you will see the details. Make sure that you use the NAFEZA-specified Excel(XLS/XLSX) format of your INVOICE and follow instructions on NAFEZA website as described here the file formats for ACI filing. To continue, first remove this excel invoice that did not pass the validation (click the Remove button under it), then correct mistakes in the source document and upload excel invoice again to repeat the validation process.



CargoX DOES NOT prescribe the content or format of the documents. This is solely in the hands of Egyptian customs / NAFEZA. Please contact Egyptian customs / NAFEZA support at ACI.CAMPAIGN@MTS-EGY.COM for clarifications on requirements or reasons why your documents fail to validate, or ask your importer to contact them directly.

Step 6: Verify the price to send the envelope

The total cost of ACI filing consists of two parts - the ACI filing processing fee and the cost of blockchain document transfer.


ACI filing processing fee is charged only once per ACID number, and is fixed at 150 units. This means that even if you are asked (or need) to amend or complete your ACI filing, you will not need to pay another ACI processing fee.

In the bottom right corner of the envelope, you can see the price (in units) for the blockchain document transfers. In the ACI filing, all documents are transferred through the blockchain, so 3 units per document fee applies. Please note this variable cost is capped at $15. If you are sending 5 or more documents in ACI filing (same ACID), you will not pay more than 15 units for document transfer.

Along with current ACI fee of 150 units, this means that the total cost of ACI can not be higher than 165 units.

You can find more details in the CargoX pricing policy.

Note that you only pay blockchain document transfer fee if you are uploading document to the blockchain. If you are only forwarding document already received through CargoX, this is always free of charge (the document's blockchain fee has been paid for by the original sender).


Step 7: Add an optional message, then seal the envelope

Just like with an email, you can add an optional text message to the envelope. The message will only be visible to the NAFEZA. Write it into the provided field.


Once you are satisfied with the envelope, click the orange Seal button to prepare it for transfer.


On the CargoX Platform, sealing the envelope creates a digital fingerprint (hash) of all documents, encrypts documents, and finally moves them to the decentralized storage (IPFS). This corresponds to putting the paper documents into the courier's envelope when dealing with physical documents.

The sealed envelope is still in your possession. But a new action becomes available - the possibility to transfer it.

When an envelope is sealed, you can no longer change it (add or remove documents or make any other changes). However, you can still unseal the envelope and change the documents, their properties, or even the message. After that, you can seal the envelope again.

You can also delete the draft envelope if you no longer need it.


The Seal button is only active (orange), if all the attached documents have their mandatory fields filled.

Step 9: Transfer the envelope

Once ACI envelope is sealed, you can transfer it with the click on the green Transfer button.

Transferring the ACI envelope is exactly the same as transferring a standard digital envelope on the CargoX Platform. For the step-by-step tutorial visit transferring the envelope.

Once envelope is transferred, you can find it in the SENT folder.


2.4.2. Re-filing missing or invalid documents for existing ACI filing

If your ACI envelope was already sent to NAFEZA, there is no possiblity to recall or undo the filing.

If you need to resend a corrected/updated document, or add a missing document to previous ACI filing, you need to do an ACI REFILING.

To do that, just compose a new Egypt ACI envelope, enter the same ACID number as before, and upload the new or corrected document(s). Complete the process as described above and seal/transfer the envelope.

As long as the ACID number is the same, ACI filing fee will not be charged again. You will still have to pay the document transfer fee ($3/document, but never more than $15 per ACID number)...