2.5. Delegations

2.5.1. What are delegations?

Delegation is a feature that offers an actual exporter company (principal) a way to delegate sending ACI envelopes to another company – it offers them the possibility to be represented by another (representative) company in the process of ACI filings via the CargoX Platform. This means that the representative company can file ACI envelopes on behalf of the principal company (but not the other way around). It is also possible that for a representative to submit ACI filings for more than one principal, and a principal can have more than one representative that file ACI filings on their behalf.


2.5.2. Which parties are involved in the delegation process?

A company can be either a:

  • principal: the actual exporter company, which is represented by another company. ACI filings are still sent on the principal’s behalf, but the actual ACI filing is done by another company (the representative).

  • representative: the company sending the ACI envelope on the exporter’s (principal’s) behalf. ACI filing is still sent under the principal’s company name.

2.5.3. Prerequisites for establishing principal/representative (delegation) relationship

What are the prerequisites for establishing the principal/representative (delegation) relationship?

  1. Companies must be connected on the CargoX Platform. The first company needs to send an invite, and the second one needs to accept the received invitation.

  2. Both companies must be verified.

2.5.4. How to establish a principal/representative (delegation) relationship

A step-by-step guide to setting up a principal/representative (delegation) relationship:

  1. The principal company logs into the CargoX Platform and visits My company | Delegations (tab)

  2. The principal clicks on the Invite representative button

  1. The principal chooses a company from their contact list to be their representative

  2. The principal defines who will be paying for the ACI envelope transfers (from whose account the funds are taken). The principal has the option to pay for the ACI transfers by themselves (Us) or they may choose the Representative to pay.

  3. The principal finishes sending the invite by clicking on the Invite representative button.


Until the representative accepts or rejects the invitation the principal will see the pending invitation status in the Delegations tab. The principal can Change payee or Resend request if needed.

  1. The representative receives the invitation for the principal/representative (delegation) relationship. If the representative clicks the Accept button, the principal/representative (delegation) relationship is established, and the principal is notified. By clicking on the Reject button, the representative cancels the delegation request, and the principal is notified.


2.5.5. Settings relate to principal/representative (delegation)

In the delegations tab both parties can terminate the delegation relationship at any time, and the principal can also change who the payee is at any time.

Administrators of the representative company can manage delegation permission for each individual company user. Administrators can choose which users are able to Create delegated documents and which ones are able to Transfer delegated documents.


2.5.6. What does the principal have to do if they want the representative to send the ACI envelope on their behalf?

When the principal receives the ACI notification they need to inform the representative about this.

2.5.7. How to send an ACI envelope as a representative company on behalf of the principal company?

The process of sending an ACI envelope as a representative is pretty similar to sending the ACI envelope on your own company’s behalf.

The only difference is that when you enter the ACID number (from the ACI notification that your principal informed you about) the envelope shows that you are filing the ACI envelope on behalf of the principal company.


In some cases, when the ACI notification is not received, the representative has to choose on whose behalf they are sending the ACI envelope. They have the option to Send envelope as me (on their company’s behalf) or to Send envelope on behalf of (their company as a representative of another company).


When a company opts to be a representative, this is shown in the top right corner of an ACI envelope.

After the document has been sent by the representative company, both parties will see the envelope in their Sent folder, and the envelope reflects that it was sent by the representative on behalf of the principal.

Principal’s Sent folder view:


Representative’s Sent folder view:


In the Monthly summary (Billing | Monthly summary) both companies can see the spent units of the sent envelopes. It is also clearly marked who paid for the document transfer.

Principal’s Monthly summary (Envelopes) view (in this case the representative paid for the transfer):


Representative’s Monthly summary (Envelopes) view (in this case the representative paid for the transfer):