2.1. Egyptian ACI filing - What? Why? How?ΒΆ


The public pilot ACI for Air Freight began on 15 May 2022 and will become mandatory on 1 October 2022. ACI filings for Air Freight undergo the same process as introduced with ACI for Sea Freight. The only difference between the two ACI types (Air and Sea) is the introduction of a new document type in the case of ACI for Air Freight - Air WayBill Copy (AWBC), which is replacing a mandatory document type in the case of ACI for Sea Freight - Bill of Lading Copy (BLC).

Please visit our Egypt ACI FAQ to get answers on all your questions

To provide clarity and help you understand the Egypt ACI process and what participating parties need to do - please read the ACI CargoX FAQ. This FAQ is updated by CargoX, and contains many frequently asked questions, including the pricing info.


Since October 1st 2021 electronic ACI filing is mandatory for all exporters to Egypt. Get ready as soon as possible. Egyptian importers need to register on Egyptian customs platform (NAFEZA), where they register their import shipments and request an ACID number. In order for importers to complete this process, the exporter must be already registered in the CargoX Platform. If you are an exporter register your free CargoX account at https://cargox.digital and allow your Egyptian importer to complete his part of the process.


You can also download the PDF version of quick start guide, that has all links clickable.



In case you have any questions regarding the ACI process, requirements of the Egyptian customs or NAFEZA system-specific, contact ACI.CAMPAIGN@MTS-EGY.COM. Follow the official Nafeza webpage for more info.

If you have questions regarding the use of the CargoX Platform (and digital filing of the ACI documents - once you have received the ACID number from the importer) or need support during the registration on the CargoX, please contact support@cargox.io or use the chat function within the platform.