2.3. Which documents and what formats are required for the ACI filing?

Please note that the official and always up to date information regarding the list of required documents for the advance cargo information (ACI) document manifestation to the Egyptian customs is published at https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/.

2.3.1. Documents

At the time of updating this help page (16.9.2021), the following documents were listed as required when filing ACI, and the accepted file formats are also discussed below.


  • Bill of Lading Copy (do not upload original BL - only a copy of BL is needed)

  • Packing List

  • A commercial invoice (IN STRUCTURED EXCEL FORMAT as explained below. Must include tax/VAT ID for both importer and exporter; must match with data entered in Nafeza by the Importer)

  • Certificate of origin

Depending on shipment/cargo, other documents might be required, such as other certificates (e.g. phytosanitary certificate…) and other documents from the list below. The complete list of NAFEZA supported documents is below (will appear on the official website https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en soon). You can not send any other document types in the ACI envelope.


NOTE: Each required document must be uploaded as a separate file on the CargoX platform, and set the correct document type. It is prohibited to combine several documents into one file.

2.3.2. File formats

Please be aware that regardless of uploaded document type MTS/NAFEZA only accepts PDF format. The only exception is INVOICE (INV).

The INVOICE needs to be uploaded an XLS/XLSX (Microsoft Excel) spreadsheet file that needs to follow the predefined format - the template is provided by NAFEZA on the official website. NAFEZA also provides an official explanation video about the structure of the invoice spreadsheet file.


In the near future, NAFEZA will also offer a conversion service that will allow exporters to convert their existing PDF invoices into a structured Excel format. This service will not be provided by CargoX, but nevertheless, you will be able to use your CargoX credentials to log into it.  More information will be added as it becomes available.

Additionally, the BILL OF LADING COPY (BLC) document type, can also be provided as an XLS/XLSX (Microsoft Excel) spreadsheet file (no special structure is defined). It is completely fine to upload DBL file as PDF as well.


This means that if you upload the Packing list document as an Excel file, this document will not register on Nafeza, and will not be displayed to your importer. The same is true if you upload an Invoice excel file, which does not follow the predefined structure as provided in the template above.