2.3. Which documents and what formats are required for the ACI filing?


The public pilot ACI for Air Freight began on 15 May 2022 and will become mandatory on 1 October 2022. ACI filings for Air Freight undergo the same process as introduced with ACI for Sea Freight. The only difference between the two ACI types (Air and Sea) is the introduction of a new document type in the case of ACI for Air Freight - Air WayBill Copy (AWBC), which is replacing a mandatory document type in the case of ACI for Sea Freight - Bill of Lading Copy (BLC).

Please note that the official and always up to date information regarding the list of required documents for the advance cargo information (ACI) document manifestation to the Egyptian customs is published at https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en/pages/32.

2.3.1. Documents


  • (BLC) Bill of Lading Copy / (AWB) Air WayBill Copy (do not upload original BL - only a copy of BL is needed)

  • (PL) Packing List

  • (INV) A commercial invoice in PDF format (must include tax/VAT ID for both importer and exporter; must match with data entered in Nafeza by the importer)

  • (INV) A commercial invoice in a structured, NAFEZA-specified XML or Excel(XLS/XLSX) format

  • (COO) Certificate of origin

Depending on shipment/cargo, other documents might be required, such as other certificates (e.g. phytosanitary certificate…) and other documents from the list below. The complete list of NAFEZA supported documents is below. You can not send any other document types in the ACI envelope.

Table 2.1 ACI document types




Bill of materials


Certificate of analysis


Certificate of fumigation


Certificate of inspection


Certificate of insurance


Certificate of origin


Delivery note


Bill of Lading Copy


EUR.1 movement certificate


Halal certificate


Health certificate




Material Safety Data Sheet


Packing list


Phytosanitary certificate


Pro-forma invoice


Air WayBill Copy


Veterinary certificate

NOTE: Each required document must be uploaded as a separate file on the CargoX platform, and set the correct document type. It is prohibited to combine several documents into one file. If you have 5 invoices, you need to send them separately, as this is a requirement by Egypt Customs / NAFEZA.

2.3.2. File formats

Please be aware that MTS/NAFEZA accepts only PDF formats for all documents. The only exceptions are INVOICE (INV), BILL OF LADING COPY (BLC) and AIR WAYBILL COPY (AWB).

Each INVOICE needs to be uploaded in BOTH: * (1) a PDF document and, * (2) a structured NAFEZA-specified XML or Excel(XLS/XLSX).

If you do not have a NAFEZA-specified XML file, you need to prepare your invoice in a NAFEZA-specified Excel(XLS/XLSX) format.

The template is provided by NAFEZA and can be downloaded on the official website https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en/pages/27. NAFEZA also provides an official explanation video about the structure of the invoice spreadsheet file.

An alternative way is to use an external Invoice RPA Converter Service to convert your PDF invoice to NAFEZA-specified Excel(XLS/XLSX). More information can be found on the official website https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en/pages/27 and on the converter portal at https://portal.bizdocconvert.com/.

Additionally, the BILL OF LADING COPY (BLC) and the AIR WAYBILL COPY (AWB) document types, can also be provided as an XLS/XLSX (Microsoft Excel) spreadsheet file (no special structure is defined). It is completely fine to upload those files file as PDF formats as well.


This means that if you upload the Packing list document as an Excel file, this document will not register on Nafeza, and will not be displayed to your importer. The same is true if you upload an Invoice excel file, which does not follow the predefined structure as provided in the template above.

2.3.3. Excel Invoice Validation

When composing an ACI envelope, an automatic document validation process will check each uploaded Invoice Excel file.

Validation service is a convenience feature, that checks the uploaded NAFEZA-specified Excel invoice document against NAFEZA. As such you will get the information whether the uploaded excel invoice will be accepted by NAFEZA or not before sending the ACI envelope. Please note that CargoX will not stop you from Sealing and Transferring the envelope even when it contains an excel invoice that failed to validate.

After the upload of excel file, and setting document type to Invoice in Properties, you will see a green DOCUMENT VALIDATION IN PROGRESS (BY NAFEZA) status. After a couple of seconds, you will see the result.

If the document passes the NAFEZA validation, you will see a green notification THE DOCUMENT WAS SUCCESSFULLY VALIDATED BY NAFEZA. You might also see a warning next to this status. If you put a mouse over the warning you will see details.

If the document does not pass the NAFEZA validation, you will see a red warning NAFEZA FAILED TO VALIDATE THE DOCUMENT (N ERRORS). If you put a mouse over the N ERRORS (N is the number of identified errors), you will see the details. Make sure you use the NAFEZA-specified Excel(XLS/XLSX) format of your INVOICE and follow instructions on NAFEZA website as described above.



CargoX DOES NOT prescribe the content or format of the documents. This is solely in the hands of Egyptian customs / NAFEZA. Please contact Egyptian customs / NAFEZA support at ACI.CAMPAIGN@MTS-EGY.COM for clarifications on requirements or reasons why your documents fail to validate, or ask your importer to contact them directly.