2.2. Prerequisites for Egypt ACI filingΒΆ

If you are an exporter into Egypt, you need to have an account on the CargoX Platform. Follow the registration guide to complete this step.

To send the ACI envelope to NAFEZA, you first need to complete the CargoX company verification process. A detailed step-by-step instructions is available on company verification.

Passing company verification is mandatory, as the Egyptian customs require us to only allow ACI filing from verified exporters. You only need to pass company verification once.

Once you complete the verification, you will be able to start the ACI filing as explained in the tutorial on how to create and send ACI envelope.


First part of the company verification is tied to the bank verification. As banks worldwide are mandated to know their customers, we need to receive one bank payment from your company.

You need to complete a purchase of CargoX service units (you will later use them to pay ACI filing fees, transfer of documents and other services).

Payment must come from your company's bank account, as we use this information to match it against your company details. Many companies fail the verification process because payment comes from another company in the group, or by their trading partner. This is not allowed!

When the match of data is confirmed, the first part of your company verification is complete.


Why no Credit cards? Bank wire payment is a part of the company verifications process (as mandated by Egyptian customs), as it allows us to compare bank wire payee information with the company details entered when registering a CargoX acconut. Details need to match to pass the bank verification. Credits cards are available to verified companies only, who can use this payment method to instantly refil their credits balance.


Why do we need to pay to CargoX? Please note that one-time per-ACID processing cost of each ACI filing is published on the official website https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en/site/aci-faq. Along with the ACI filing fee, the sender of the documents will need to cover the cost of blockchain document transfer via the CargoX Platform. The cost is $3 per document. You can read more in the CargoX pricing policy. For example, if your ACI filing will include 4 documents (see the list of required ACI documents), the blockchain document transfer cost will be $12, and the total along with the ACI filing fee would be $162.

In the second part of the company verification process, CargoX uses a 3rd party provider (Dun & Bradstreet) to verify your company details (as found in My company | Company details) with your country's official national company registry.

Your company details (company name, address, registration number, tax/VAT number) should completely match the data in official records.

If needed, make changes by clicking the Edit company details button. before starting the verification process.

Please note that the cost of this final verification is $15. This is one-time cost per company. Once you have purchased some service units initiate the company verification by clicking the Verify now button.


In case you have any questions regarding the ACI process, requirements of the Egyptian customs or NAFEZA system-specific, contact ACI.CAMPAIGN@MTS-EGY.com. Follow the official Nafeza webpage for more info.

If you have questions regarding the use of the CargoX Platform (and digital filing of the ACI documents - once you have received the ACID number from the importer) or need support during the registration on the CargoX, please contact support@cargox.io or use the chat function within the platform.