3.7. How to approach your business and transport partners regarding CargoX?

You can send fax only to someone with a fax machine. Same applies in the blockchain era. In order to use CargoX Platform to digitally transfer original documents, the other party also needs to have a CargoX account. Luckily, creating a CargoX account is free of charge and takes only 5 minutes. But how to explain everything to your partners?

3.7.1. How to approach them?

Email or call them first, and explain why your company decided to start using CargoX. In the 2020's the reasoning is very easy:

  1. Your company wants to return to pre-COVID "normal" operations but physical document delivery with couriers is sometimes/somewhere still interrupted...

  2. You don't want to get your employees exposed to anything that might come with the paper...

  3. Due to quarantines/lockdowns most of your team works from home anyhow...

  4. Email is not safe, and there is no way you can send valuable document of title through it + other parties will not accept such document...

3.7.2. What to tell about CargoX?

Just tell your partner that you will send them an email that will explain this CargoX and what it is all about, so they can have internal discussion.

Also tell them that you will send them a link to check out the platform - free of charge and without any obligations or risk for them.

If they ask more about CargoX, here is something you can tell them:

The CargoX Platform enables you to send and receive digital documents. It preserves all the properties of paper original documents. You will be able to transfer ownership of documents and identify originals. The CargoX Platform is available worldwide, very simple to use, much safer and faster than traditional express courier delivery services. Best of all you can register account free of charge, and there is no upfront payment.

3.7.3. Action items

  1. Send them an introductory email! We have prepared several email samples. For the best impact use your official document template, add your own story/experience using CargoX and ask your executive to sign and send it:

    • For Supplier/Exporter (COVID-19-era version with added urgency)

    • Universal approach (simulated exchange of a past document for POCs encouraged by the Indian government)

    • For Customer/Importer

    • For Freight Forwarder/NVOCC

    • For Carriers/VOCC

  2. Login to your CargoX account, and from Contacts, send an Invite to your partner's email address (send to only one person at company - after the registration they can create accounts for their co-workers).

  3. If they contact you back with hard questions, connect them with us, and we will gladly answer any questions they might have and can also organize a conf call with a live demo. CargoX also offers assistance in the onboarding and use of the platform free of charge.

Please share feedback with your CargoX rep or with business development team at CargoX (sales@cargox.io). We are ready to assist you in case of any questions.