3.8. For Supplier/Exporter (COVID-19)ΒΆ

Dear business partner,

we are currently addressing our top priority goal - return to normal operation. Therefore we are enforcing paperless exchange of documents. We would appreciate if you, our valued business partner, would join us in this process.

We chose the CargoX Platform which preserves all the properties of physical paper documents - allows transfer of document ownership and identify originals. The CargoX Platform has all the necessary features that we both need:

  • digitization (no physical paper to expose to, work from home or anywhere, 10-years of document storage, automation possibilities thru API)

  • security and safety (encrypted data; no lost, stolen, damaged or forged documents)

  • audit log (full visibility, identify original documents, document ownership transfer)

  • cost reduction (no express courier delivery costs, work process optimizations, no licensing, no upfront costs, no implementation costs)

  • fast delivery (documents will be delivered in a matter of minutes worldwide)

  • no intermediaries (documents are sent in a P2P fashion directly between users)

CargoX is the only neutral and independent digital courier, facilitating instant transfer of digital original and other digital documents including Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, Letters of Credit and 50+ others - working world-wide.

More details are available on https://cargox.io.

You will shortly receive an invitation to connect with us over the CargoX Platform. Use the link in that email to create your company's CargoX account for free. registration process takes 5-minutes.

As part of our agreement with CargoX, you are entitled to full support with account creation and use of the platform. If you have questions contact CargoX at support@cargox.io.