3.9. Simulated exchange of past documentΒΆ


I hope everything is OK at your side, with team XXXXXXXXX.

At XXXXXXXXX we always try to bring to the table innovative solutions for our clients, and partners. We are heavily exploring the latest digital alternatives to handle our business more efficiently.

That's why we have partnered up with CargoX to improve the bill of lading process.

We would like to do a simulation of a past shipment by putting the Bill of Lading in the platform and recreate the workflow of Issuer-Shipper-Consignee-ReleaseAgent.

After the simulation, we would like this process to be the standard for BL transfer of ownership.

We have chosen you because we are working closely with the Indian Government in this pilot and they asked us if we have some partners in India that would like to be a part of this pilot. The intentions from the Indian Government are to advertise heavily this pilot and promote this digital solution for the industry as a safer alternative than paper and courier dependent workflows in a post-Covid-19 era.

Therefore, let me introduce you to our partners at CargoX who are included in this email, and who will follow up with next steps:

Vjeran Ortynski - Chief Business Development Officer

Jaka Mele - Chief Digital Officer

Please note that the deadline from the Indian Government is end of this week and we would really appreciate your collaboration in this matter and it will only take a few minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,