1.10.2. Billing


In June 2021 CargoX has renamed CargoX credits to units. Change is cosmetic only. 1 unit (marked as U) still equals 1 USD. All existing user balances were automatically converted to the new denomination. There is nothing you need to do.


Please note that registration, billing and vendor registration processes are SELF SERVICE on CargoX. CargoX can not be part of your internal procurement and vendor-registration processes. Still, if our assistance is needed we offer it for extra charge within CargoX Professional Services.

If you are unfamiliar with the CargoX Platform pricing policy please read that first.

In the Billing section you can:

  • buy units

  • review and download pro-forma invoices and paid invoices

  • review the history of unit purchase and usage

  • review the exact price for every document type

  • review your billing details and change your billing email

The Billing section of the CargoX Platform can be accessed by following the Billing link in the left sidebar.


Alternatively, click the Balance of your units at the top of the screen. A detailed summary of your units will open in the Account units balance pop-up window (see below). To continue to the Billing section, click the green Go to billing button in the bottom right of the pop-up.

../../../_images/billing_2.png Self-service automated billing process

CargoX uses a highly automated billing process, which allows us to service tens of thousands of companies worldwide. This was a requirement from our ACI partners.

Purchase of the service units is a self-service process. User logs into his CargoX account and goes to the Billing section, where he can choose the amount of units he wishes to purchase.

The minimum purchase is set at 15 units (equal to 15 USD) for bank wire, and 25 units (25 USD) for credit cards. Please bear in mind that you will need not only 15 units for verification, but that each ACI filing with 4 documents attached will cost additional 162 units - so kindly calculate how many ACI filings per year you will have, and purchase the most appropriate number of units.

During the purchase process a user can enter a purchase order - PO number or any other number related to his internal procurement process (use the field "Additional information" on the Billing screen). NOTE Users are responsible for entering thse purchase order - PO details themselves.

User can also edit the billing email field during the purchase process. This will allow users to add the email address of whoever needs to receive pro-forma invoices and final invoices in their company. Users can change billing email address with every purchase.

After a user completes the purchase, a proforma-invoice is automatically generated and sent to the billing email, and the user can also download it from the Billing section of his CargoX account.

When CargoX receives a bank payment based on this pro-forma invoice (payment needs to have a reference number specified on the proforma invoice), units are automatically credited to your CargoX account and an official invoice is generated and sent to your billing address - and again available for download from your CargoX account. NOTE Please do not send us your bank's payment confirmation statements, as our payment process requires that actual payment is received before units can be credited to your accounts. No exceptions. HINT For instant purchase of units, choose the credit card payment method.

To keep our platform highly streamlined, scalable, and simple, we can unfortunately not change this billing process to make exceptions. Buy units

To buy units, click the Buy units tab and either enter the amount of units that you wish to purchase, or move the slider left or right.

If you are using a bank payment method and paying in USD, please note that intermediary banks often charge a fee of USD 10 - USD 40, and sometimes even up to USD 60, regardless of the payee's instructions to cover all bank transfer costs (SWIFT setting: OUR). Neither you nor CargoX have any influence over these bank costs. Since CargoX always issues units in the amount actually received, you should choose a sufficient amount of units (𝕌) beyond what you minimally need to stay on the safe side, especially if you are in a hurry.


For easier purchase decision, you can view in real-time the estimation on how many Egypt ACI filings (or Smart BL transfers) you can do with the chosen amount. The more units you purchase, the lower the cost per unit - as you get promotional bonus units on top of your purchased units.

Below is the total price you will pay. If your company is from Europe (EUR SEPA zone) displayed price will be in EUR. For the rest of the world the price will be listed in USD.

Once satisfied with the amount, click the green Go to next step button.


Now you can select the payment method.

All verified companies can use debit and credit payment cards to refill their units balance. This option allows you to buy any number of units with a minimum amount of 25 USD (25 units).. Select Credit card as the payment type. Be advised that this payment type comes with a 4% service fee. Immediately after the purchase, an invoice will be created for you and the service units will be credited to your account.

A bank transfer or bank wire payment is still required for the first payment of CargoX units, as bank verification is a part of the company verification process mandated by Egyptian customs. Minimum purchase amount for bank wire is 15 units (15 USD).

Below you can review your billing details, and specify two important fields - Billing email and Additional payment information - like purchase order number etc.

You can set up a dedicated email that will receive only billing details - pro-forma invoices and final invoices. A pro-forma will be generated and sent to your email (billing email) along with the payment information after next step, but you can also always download it from your CargoX account. The final invoice will also be sent to your billing emaila address automatically.


If your internal procurement / purchase process requires that pro-forma invoices and final invoices contain a special identifier i.e. purchase order number, be sure to enter this number now. You will not be able to change pro-forma later, or request change to the already issued and paid invoice later.

Click the green Continue to review button to continue.


Review all details of the purchase. If you are EU-based company, be careful that you have previously validated your VAT number, as otherwise VAT will be applied to your purchase (Slovenian companies always pay VAT). Changing the VAT rate after the payment is not possible! Be sure you have entered a correct purchase order number. Finally, click the green Complete purchase button.



If you chose the credit card payment method, enter your credit card information and click Complete purchase.

Once your card is processed and transaction is confirmed, the invoice will be automatically generated and sent to your billing email. You will also see it within a few minutes in the Invoices tab. Units will be loaded into your account automatically.



Payment information and other detail of the order is displayed on the screen.

Pro-forma will be automatically generated and sent to your billing email. You will also see it within a few minutes in the Pro-forma invoices tab.

You can download pro-forma invoice by clicking the green button below.

Once your bank payment is received, the invoice will be automatically generated and sent to your billing email. You will also see it in the Invoices tab. Units will be loaded into your account automatically.

Please note that SWIFT money wire transfer can take up to 7-10 days to clear, while SEPA usually clears the next working day. When paying in USD, please follow instructions from pro-forma and instruct your bank to cover complete bank transfer costs from your side (setting: OUR). Pro-forma invoices

To view pro-forma invoices, click the Pro-forma invoices tab. Here you can download pro-forma invoices.


Pro-forma invoices are non-binding documents. If you want to change amount purchased, just purchase the units again, and a new pro-forma will be created for you. Unpaid pro-forma documents will be automatically removed from your account 60 days after their creation.

../../../_images/billing_4.png Invoices

After a pro-forma is paid (when choosing bank payment), or immediately after credit card transaction is confirmed, an invoice is automatically generated. To view past invoices, click the Invoices tab. Here you can also download invoices.

../../../_images/billing_4inv.png Monthly summary (units spending report)

To review your purchase and spending history use the Monthly summary tab.

You can choose Overall report to see per document transaction history.


Choose ACI filings report to see per ACID transaction history.


You can also choose the date range for which you want to see the report. First click on one of the reports, and select any monthly report, then on the next screen select the date range to reset the view. Use filters to narrow down the list. Or use search to find the specific document or document type.

You can also download the CSV or PDF versions of the report.

Soon monthly reports will also include the department information of users spending the units/sending documents, and more information about the documents themselves (such as documenty type and number - i.e. Certificat of Origin, No. 234567). Price list

There are costs associated with blockchain transactions. CargoX is handling these dynamic costs (gas fees and all other fees) in the background, with the goal to drastically simplify the user's blockchain experience. The CargoX Platform users know exactly how much issuing and sending a document will cost them. The complete price list per document type is available in the Price list tab of the Billing section.


Read more about the CargoX Platform pricing policy here or CargoX Professional Services.