1.10.2. Billing

If you are unfamiliar with the CargoX Platform pricing policy please read that first.

In the Billing section you can:

  • buy credits

  • review and download invoices

  • review the history of credit purchase and usage

  • review the exact price for every document type

  • change your billing details

The Billing section of the CargoX Platform can be accessed by following the Billing link in the left sidebar.


Alternatively, click the Balance of your credits at the top of the screen. A detailed summary of your credits will open in the Account credits balance pop-up window (see below). To continue to the Billing section, click the green Go to billing button in the bottom right of the pop-up.

../../../_images/billing_2.png Buy credits

To buy credits, click the Buy credits tab and choose a credits package.


Select the payment type and complete the billing details information below. Click the green Continue to review button, and confirm the purchase on the next screen.

An invoice payable in USD will be generated and sent to your email (or billing email, if defined), along with the payment information. Once the payment is received, the credits will be loaded into your account. Invoices

To view past invoices, click the Invoices tab. Here you can download invoices.

../../../_images/billing_4.png Credits history

To review your credits purchase and spending history use the Credits history tab. Use filters to narrow down the list.

../../../_images/billing_5.png Price list

There are costs associated with blockchain transactions. CargoX is handling these dynamic costs (gas fees and all other fees) in the background, with the goal to drastically simplify the user's blockchain experience. The CargoX Platform users know exactly how much issuing and sending a document will cost them. The complete price list per document type is available in the Price list tab of the Billing section.


Read more about the CargoX Platform pricing policy here. Billing details

In the Billing details tab you can set up your company billing details, including a dedicated email that will receive only billing details (invoices).