1.10.4. Document types and blockchain support

CargoX Platform supports many document types, including but not limited to different bills of lading, certificates, letters of credit, invoices, reports, claims... Depending on the document type these documents can have full, partial, or no blockchain support.

What does that mean? The CargoX Platform can guarantee two things:

  • The authenticity of a document proves whether the digital document is an unchanged original

  • Ownership tracking and transfer of any document awards ownership of the document and enables the owner to transfer it. Category 1 - Full blockchain support

Some documents, like a B/L which is a document of title, need both. The B/L document is not allowed to be changed during transfer, but it is equally important to know who owns it. Hence it requires full blockchain support (authenticity and ownership tracking), indicated by a document icon with a solid background.

../../../_images/document_types_1.png Category 2 - Partial blockchain support

For other documents, such as certificates, it is only important to be able to guarantee the authenticity and provide means to detect whether the document is identical to the original issued on the CargoX Platform.

For these types of documents, the ownership information is not important, as it is legitimate to make copies of the document. A typical use case for this is a certificate, where anyone is allowed to make a copy of the certificate and still use it as an original. For example - a distributor of goods requests an official certificate of origin from the local chamber of commerce, and once it receives it, can create several copies and distribute them to their resellers. At the same time it is important to know who issued this certificate and have a mechanism to detect whether a distributed document is still identical to the originally issued certificate - which makes it an original.

In the CargoX Platform, this is called partial blockchain support - indicated by a document icon with a partially solid background.

../../../_images/document_types_2.png Category 3 - No blockchain support

Finally, documents of the third type on the CargoX Platform are just regular digital documents, like an invoice or a note. Today everyone is happily exchanging these via the email, which means that these documents do not require any special features, like tracking authenticity or ownership.

The support of these documents on the CargoX Platform is a convenience feature. This allows you to manage all your documents on one platform - you can mix various document types in the same envelope as well.

You can create and upload these documents on the CargoX Platform free of charge. If you need, you can optionally include partial blockchain support even for these documents. For example - if you have a very important invoice to send to your customer, and would like to be completely protected against various scams, you can decide to enhance the uploaded document with authenticity tracking.

Documents with no blockchain support are indicated by an icon without a solid background:

../../../_images/document_types_3.png The difference between "proof of authenticity" and "proof of ownership"

Document pricing is based on the level of blockchain support and separated into three distinct categories, as shown below.


Proof of authenticity: When a document is uploaded/transferred through the platform, a token is created on the blockchain. The token includes a hash (digital fingerprint) of the digital document. It represents an undeniable proof of the time the document was uploaded/transferred and by whom and the fact that the document hasn’t been altered in any way.

Proof of ownership: The uploaded content is treated as a document of title. The transfer of the document corresponds to a transfer of the token on the blockchain. A complete audit log with a history of ownership transfers is recorded on the blockchain. Once the document is sent the document’s ownership changes and can only be viewed as a copy by the sender. The document may be finalized (released / accomplished / destroyed ...). When finalized, the workflow stops, and the document cannot be transferred anymore. Benefits

Regardless of which document type you use to send your documents, you will always enjoy all the benefits of using the CargoX Platform. This begins with enhanced security in accessing the documents; high speed of document transfer and guaranteed delivery of documents, and it continues with 10-year free digital storage (Archive) provided by CargoX.

For all documents uploaded and exchanged on the CargoX Platform the digital fingerprint information is calculated and an audit trail is provided. For documents with full and partial blockchain support the CargoX Platform allows you to download the audit log report and provides the links to the public blockchain block explorer - enabling access to the fundamental public blockchain layer as a single source of trust and even removing the need to trust CargoX as a service provider.

It makes sense to use the CargoX Platform even when sending documents with no blockchain support, as CargoX provides what regular email can not:

  • Assurance of envelope delivery - email has no default functionality or standard to do that

  • Provision of a digital trail every time a document is sent, visibility who is currently in possession of a document that we passed forward. Optionally, give the sender the information when a recipient opens the envelope (TBD). Email can not do any of that.

  • Envelopes and documents sent via the CargoX Platform can not be intercepted and changed by a third party (hackers, etc.).