1.10.1. CargoX pricing policy and Credits

There is no subscription fee for using the CargoX Platform, there are no licenses to pay, and there are no investments needed.

The company account and user registration on the CargoX Platform are free of charge. To register a new company on the CargoX Platform, click the https://cargox.digital and follow the Quick Start Guide.

The CargoX Platform usage pricing is document-based. The one-time per-document fee is charged when the document is sent in an envelope on the platform. The fee can be paid either by the uploader (i.e. the Issuer) or by the first recipient (collect payment) of the document. All other parties involved in the exchange use the platform for free.

The price varies based on the document type and the level of blockchain support. What are the credits?

CargoX is using a system of credits for calculating final prices. One (1) credit costs 15 USD. Credits can be purchased in packs directly through the CargoX Platform. The larger the pack, the better the credits/price ratio. To view available packs, login to the CargoX Platform and open the Billing section (left sidebar).

A complete price list for all document types is also available in the Billing section. Multiple billing options are supported. Read more about the Billing section here. Your balance

You can always see the balance of your credits in the upper right part of the screen:

../../../_images/billing_1.png Pricing example

For an original Master Bill of Lading, the cost of issuing the document on the blockchain typically falls on the issuing party (NVOCC/VOCC). The cost is 1 credit (15 USD) per B/L, which covers up to 50 transfers of the document and 10-year digital storage.

Once on the blockchain, all other parties involved in the exchange (shipper/exporter/seller, consignee/importer/buyer, banks, traders, release agent...) do not pay any additional fees. The parties involved may also attach other (supporting) documents when forwarding the B/L.

Documents such as invoices, warranty letters, packaging lists, etc. can be added to the outgoing envelope. This helps keep all documents related to the transaction in one place. Documents are kept in digital storage and the CargoX Platform provides a simple way to search these documents.