1.10.3. Professional ServicesΒΆ


In line with Egypt's strategic decision to fast forward the digitalization of the country, starting with October 1st, 2021, all exporters to Egypt will need to use the ACI as mandated by the new Egyptian Customs Law No. (207) of 2020 and Minister of Finance decree No. (38) of 2021. More information can be found on the official webpage of the Egyptian customs platform NAFEZA at https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en/. NAFEZA selected and officially appointed European company CargoX as a technology partner and certified service provider for facilitating the blockchain document transfer part under the ACI project. In the selection process, CargoX was thoroughly vetted by the Egyptian government, Egyptian finance ministry, and Egyptian customs, both, on the compliance and information security front.


Anyone that would like to use the CargoX platform can register an account, and within this process has to accept (as an adhesion contract) CargoX General and Special Terms and Conditions (displayed during the registration process). As it is not legally acceptable to have two sets of terms and conditions and consequently two agreements at once for one single relationship, we are not signing any separate/custom contracts outside of the already mentioned adhesion contract.


Purchase of the service units is a self-service process, that involves pro-forma invoice (before payment) and invoice (after we receive your payment). Read more about the self-service automated billing process here.


VENDOR REGISTRATION On CargoX webpage (https://cargox.io/company/#about) an extensive list of official documents and certificates is available, allowing interested companies to perform a reasonable due diligence process and complete their procurement processes. We also offer an out-of-channel verification of our bank details via our automated phone center at +386 1 82 82 006 and +1 512 647 2040.

Please note that as we are not a supplier or a vendor in a classic sense, we can not actively participate in the internal procurement processes of exporters to Egypt. We kindly request that you take care of your internal procurement processes without our involvement. Please understand that we are dealing with 50.000 companies exporting to Egypt from around the world. We provide all required documents/data on our website so please use them in your internal processes. Professional services price ListΒΆ

If nevertheless you require custom assistance from us, either with: - help with your vendor registration process - require invoices instead of pro-forma invoices - need manual processing of invoices - need a blue-ink signed and wet stamped document - want us to fill your custom word/excel form - have a call with us - ... our professional services team can help you for an extra charge (pending their availability, as per first-come first-served).

In this case please provide exact instructions what you need and how we can complete the task, and send inquiry to support@cargox.io with a subject "Professional service". We will review your inquiry and send you the quote. After you confirm the quote we will perform the task. All payments will be deducted from the service units balance of your CargoX account as soon as you have enough balance (1 service unit = 1 USD).

As of 20.9.2021 the professional services price list is as follows (kindly refer to https://cargox.io/CargoX-Price-List.pdf for the only relevant price list as it includes the updated information):

  • Assistance in the preparation or actual preparation of documents per customer's requirements - 500 π•Œ/hour

  • CargoX Concierge account recovery service (includes the double verification of requesting party) - 50 π•Œ

  • Company verification using 3rd party service provider - 15 π•Œ

  • Manual preparation of documents at the request of a customer (includes all exceptions to CargoX's automated self-service billing system, for example when an invoice isrequired instead of pro-forma. Also when a change to an existing document is demanded, or if you require acustom document for your procurement/vendor registration process, etc.) - 100 π•Œ/document

  • Manual processing of documents as per customer's requirements (includes manual uploading of invoices or other documents to your system, manual emailing of documents, etc.) - 100 π•Œ/document

  • Environmental fee for issuing physical documents on paper (shipping costs are not included.) - 100 π•Œ/document

  • Consultation conference call with CargoX team at the request of a customer (the topic needs to be defined upfront; pending the availability of the CargoX team.) - 250 π•Œ/hour

  • Reactivation of a disabled company account due to late payment - 500 π•Œ

If you are unfamiliar with the CargoX Platform pricing policy please read that first.