1.10.5. Who will pay for the transfer?

Each document that uses blockchain for either proof of authenticity or proof of ownership (or both) needs to be paid for.

The price depends on the type of document and the level of blockchain support. Each document requires payment for the service only once as CargoX is never double-charging. All the other parties involved in the transfer of that document partake in the process free of charge, and they can forward and/or accomplish the document for free as well.

The CargoX Platform uses units to pay for the document processing. Read the CargoX Platform pricing policy to learn more about units.

Your unit balance is charged at the moment of the envelope transfer. That is the moment when the actual blockchain transaction is created and the envelope ownership enters the transfer phase. Other actions, such as the compose, seal and unseal of the envelope and/or upload of the document are not charged, as well as user account creation and management. The issuer (uploader) pays for the transfer

The transfer cost is usually covered by the issuer (uploader) of the document. When initiating the transfer - after you click the green Transfer button on the sealed envelope - the pop-up with a summary will appear.

In the bottom part of the window, the total price needed to be paid will be displayed, along with the option to choose who will cover this cost.

To continue select I will pay and click the green Next button.

If you have enough units available in your company account, the envelope transfer will start. If not, you will be presented with an option to purchase additional units or send the envelope with the collect payment option.

../../../_images/transfer_payment_1.png The first recipient pays for the transfer (collect payment)

Alternatively, the first recipient can cover the costs of the transfer.


Before using the collect payment feature, make sure the recipient agrees to cover the cost of the transfer.


This option was developed on request by shippers and exporters. It allows them to rapidly onboard their transport and business partners - the actual issuers of the documents - who now have no direct cost with the CargoX Platform. Frequently shippers and exporters use this approach to negotiate lower document-related fees of issuers.

When the transfer window opens, choose the Recipient will pay (pay to collect). The payment summary will change accordingly, showing zero cost for the issuer, and displaying the cost summary to the recipient. Click Next.


As with a normal transfer, you need to sign the transfer with your blockchain private key to initiate it. Before clicking the green Sign and Transfer button, read the explanation, and check the checkbox to indicate that you understand and agree with the process.



The recipient will need to accept the envelope before the transfer is recorded on the blockchain. The recipient may also reject the envelope, therefore make sure the recipient is in agreement with covering the cost of the transfer.

If the recipient rejects the transfer, the envelope will be returned to you. A Returned folder will appear in your folders list and no blockchain transaction will be recorded.