1.3. Hardware and software requirementsΒΆ

What do you need to use the CargoX Platform?

The minimum software and hardware requirements to use the CargoX Platform are as follows:

  • Internet connectivity

  • Personal computer or a smart device (phone, tablet)

  • A modern web browser (latest version of Chrome and Firefox are officially tested, but any modern browser should do - Brave, Safari, New Microsoft Edge, Opera...).

If you will use a hardware wallet device, verify the minimum requirements with the device manufacturer. Some devices require an administrative privilege on your computer to install drivers and/or use a specific web browser.

CargoX supports the following blockchain key formats:

  • Keystore (This is a default option - labeled as blockchain key file and blockchain key text in the platform)

  • Private key

  • Mnemonic phrase

  • MetaMask

  • Trezor hardware wallet

  • Ledger hardware wallet

  • BC-Vault hardware wallet