1.8.1. I need help!

If you have a question, a suggestion, or if you want to report a software bug, there are many ways to contact us. 1. User's guide

Check out the rest of the User’s manual here at https://help.cargox.digital. Do not miss the FAQ section as well - it contains many practical questions and answers.

Use the search. Enter keywords, associated with your question in the search box:

../../../_images/need_help_1.png 2. Contact us via support chat

The support chat is always available in the lower corner of the CargoX Platform user interface. Just click the round green icon and it will activate.


Make sure you are logged into your CargoX account before opening the chat. This way it will be faster for us to provide support as we can skip the identification steps.

../../../_images/need_help_2.png 3. Send us an email

Send us an email at support@cargox.io. 4. Contact your designated contact at CargoX

Issuers and large enterprise can contact their designated business contact at CargoX.