1.5.1. Login

The CargoX Platform supports two direct login methods.

All users can log in using the username and password (unless they disable password login in the My Profile settings).

Users with an active blockchain key linked to their account can choose to log in using their blockchain key. Users can create and add blockchain keys to their accounts in My Profile.

Each account can have both methods enabled. Users can select which login method they will use for each login independently. Option 1: The username and password login

This is the simplest way to log into the CargoX Platform, and a default setting for new user accounts.


To login, open the CargoX Platform login page (https://cargox.digital) with any modern browser check about the minimum requirements). Enter your email address as a username and click Next. On the next page enter your password to log in (if you forget your password, you can trigger the password reset by clicking "Forgot password?").

When you are logged in, you can access most of the functions available to you, depending on the access permission of your account.

As soon as you initiate an action that involves a blockchain transaction, if again you have permissions by your company to perform this action, and if you have an active blockchain key associated with your account, the CargoX Platform will prompt you to unlock your blockchain key.


A blockchain key can be configured for every user in the My profile section. Every user can use multiple blockchain keys.


A user does not need a blockchain key linked to his account if his role is only non-transactional: read-only access to all documents (received, sent, archived and drafts) on a corporate account, preparing drafts of the documents and smart envelopes, or managing other company users. Option 2: The blockchain key login

If your CargoX account has a blockchain key linked, you can log into the CargoX Platform using your blockchain key.

This type of login enables all the functionalities of the CargoX Platform (if the user has all permissions), including functions that initiate blockchain transactions, such as sending documents or releasing cargo.

To log in using your blockchain key, open the CargoX Platform login page with the browser that is compatible with your blockchain key method, and click the I want to login with my blockchain key.


If you created a blockchain key using CargoX Platform, click the Choose file button and select your downloaded blockchain key file from your computer. Provide the encryption password for your blockchain key file in the field below and click the green Login button. Now your blockchain key is unlocked in your browser.


If you were unable to download the blockchain key file at the time of blockchain key creation, choose the second tab titled With blockchain key text. Click on the larger field and paste your blockchain key text from the document where you saved it. Provide your blockchain key's encryption password in the field below and click the green Login button. Now your blockchain key is unlocked in your browser.

In the upper right corner of the screen (your avatar or photo) you will immediately see that your blockchain key is unlocked and ready to sign blockchain actions (green key icon) or still locked (red key icon).

../../../_images/login_4.png Other blockchain key login options

For logging in with hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger, and for other supported blockchain key types, select the More options in the blockchain key login window, then select your method.

If your method is grayed out, you might be trying to use it in an unsupported browser.


Log in with your blockchain key.

Detailed information about specific blockchain key login types is provided here:

  • Ledger

  • Trezor

  • MetaMask

  • Private key and Mnemonic phrases are supported, but we strongly advise the use of hardware wallets, or at least a MetaMask software wallet.