1.5.3. I lost my blockchain key, or forgot the password. Can I retrieve it?ΒΆ


CargoX does not have access and can not restore the private keys of users.

Always create a backup of your blockchain private key (keystore file or content of the key file) and its encryption password!

Step 1: Give it another try

Try to find your blockchain key:

  • If you downloaded a keystore file, try to find the file - usually, people download it either into the Download or Desktop folders. By default, the filename looks similar to this: CargoX - Blockchain keystore - John Campbell - 0x94ffEB1b2277645f1022DcdD3B3819F974a3e96E.json where the first part includes your first and last name, and the last part is your public blockchain address (which you can find in your CargoX My profile account under Privacy & Security tab). Could it be that you followed the on-screen instructions, and created a copy of the downloaded file on an external USB key/drive?

  • If at the time of creating the blockchain key you were unable to download the file, you might have decided to copy the content of the keystore file into the clipboard. You would probably have saved it in a document on your computer. Try to remember where and when, maybe you can find it. The content is represented by 521 characters of text (without any spaces and split lines).

If you have the above keystore file or keystore content, but can not remember the decryption password for the key:

  • When you were asked to select a password, we suggested that you do not repeat the same password that you used for the login (but some users do that anyhow). Also, we requested that the password is at least 8 characters long, and suggested that includes letters, numbers, and special characters.

Step 2: If that did not work

If you had no luck finding the blockchain key, then to solve the situation, please do the following:

Step 2.1:

Log into your CargoX account with your username (email) and password

Step 2.2:

Go to the My profile into the Privacy & Security tab and click Add new Blockchain key.

Step 2.3:

Create a new blockchain key, and link it to your CargoX account.

Step 2.4:

Create a backup copy of this new key. Write down its password to a safe place. We suggest this safe place is not the same place where the key is stored.

Step 2.5:

Once you complete previous tasks, ask a co-worker that has a CargoX Platform account and an active blockchain key (and proper permissions), to log into CargoX Platform, and approve your new blockchain key (instructions).

If you are the only person under your company who had an active blockchain key, send us the email from your registered email at support@cargox.io, and we will activate the key for you.

Step 2.6:

You will receive an email notification when your new key is approved.

Please create a backup of the new key (and password).


in the future, CargoX will charge key reactivation/account rescue service.