1.6.5. User access rights / Application permissions

The CargoX Platform users management system offers very granular access rights through the configuration of user privileges and permissions. This enables companies to use the CargoX Platform without the need to change their internal processes and document workflows. Permission overview and explanation


You can access a short explanation of individual rules by hovering the mouse pointer over the "?" icon next to the permission.


1. Envelope permissions

These permissions are used to manage sending documents (envelopes). If the user is not permitted to send envelopes, user will still have a read-only access to the company's account. The user can view all documents in Inbox, Drafts, Sent and Archive (and other) folders. The user will be able to also download any document, but he will not be able to do anything else with it.

  • Upload documents and create envelopes, aka "document creator" - Allow the user to create a new Envelope, upload a new document, or attach a received document from the Inbox (by using the forward function). The user will also be allowed to seal the document (and choose the recipient), however, he will not be allowed to initiate the transfer.

  • Transfer documents and envelopes , aka "document manager" - Allow the user to transfer the envelope, and to perform advanced functions, such as accomplish/release cargo, destroy document, clear history...

2. Company permissions

Permissions for the administration of your company CargoX account and to manage users.

  • Manage company details, aka "company manager" - Allows the user to add new users, manage their permissions/rights, and remove users from the company. The user can approve and disable the users' blockchain keys. This user is allowed to update the company details and purchase units (in the Billing section).

  • Legal representative - This setting is intended for users with the authority to represent their company and accept the CargoX Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions (TOS) are legally binding for the company. This action is mandatory after each TOS change - until the new terms are accepted, company can not use CargoX.

3. Contacts permissions

  • Connect with other companies, aka "contacts manager" - Allows the user to establish connections with other companies on the CargoX Platform on behalf of his company. This includes sending out invitations to other companies and accepting the received invitations from other companies.

4. Rules permissions

  • Manage workflow rules, aka "rules manager" - Allows the user to set up new filters and rules for email notification of received smart envelopes.