1.6.11. Approving and disabling blockchain keysΒΆ

During the registration of a new company, their first blockchain key will be automatically activated by the CargoX Platform.

All additional blockchain keys, such as additional blockchain keys for the first user, or the blockchain keys of additional company users, shall be manually approved by the existing user with an active blockchain key. Only then can these blockchain keys be used to sign transactions on behalf of the company, according to their default or individual permissions.


By assigning the manage company details permission to users, they can also manage (approve or disable) blockchain keys and accounts of other users in the company.

Every time a new blockchain key is linked to an account belonging to your company, all users with proper permissions will receive a notification (on the platform and in email), reminding them that they can review and approve the newly added blockchain key.

Step 1: Log into your CargoX Platform account and unlock your blockchain key

Login in to your CargoX Platform account using your blockchain key. If you logged in using your username and password, first unlock your blockchain key.

Step 2: Enter user management

In the left sidebar choose Users - the option is nested under Account.

All user accounts belonging to your company will be listed in the main section of the screen. Click on the user whose blockchain key you wish to manage.


Continue by clicking the Privacy & Security tab.


Step 3: User's blockchain keys

The screen lists all blockchain keys linked to this user's account, and their public blockchain key address, key type, and date added.

Locate the key you wish to approve and click the green Approve button next to it.

You can disable a specific blockchain key by clicking Disable. The key will remain listed - if you wish, you can approve it again.


Step 4: Sign with your blockchain key

The information to allow a new blockchain key to represent your company is stored on the blockchain, which means that this key's approval is a blockchain transaction.

As with all blockchain transactions, to initiate it, you need to digitally sign this action with your active blockchain key.

Double-check that the blockchain key listed below is the key you wish to approve for the user, then click Next.


On the next screen Sign and approve the blockchain transaction.



If you have two or more blockchain keys linked to your CargoX Platform account, you will first need to select which of your keys you want to use to sign this approval.

Step 5: Key is approved

After a few seconds you should see a confirmation window, informing you that the blockchain key was successfully approved:


Click Close to return to the list of all user's blockchain keys. If you are fast enough, you will see the orange TRANSACTION PENDING next to the chosen blockchain key, and a short time later the status will update to Active.

The owner of this blockchain key will receive an automatic email notification informing them that their blockchain key has been approved and is ready to be used.


Users are not limited in the number of blockchain keys they can link to their account. Each key needs to be approved independently. This is valid for your own second blockchain key, or for your co-worker's first one.


Similar to how blockchain keys can be approved, they can also be Disabled - just use the Disable button that you can find next to all active blockchain keys, and digitally sign that transaction.