1.6.2. Company profileΒΆ

Every company is responsible for keeping their information correct and up to date.


Only a user with the Company manager permission can change the Company information and logo.


After the new registration of the company, you have to fill up company details and also your profile before you can perform certain actions (like initiate connections with other companies on the CargoX Platform).


You can only do this once, so pay attention! After the initial configuration of company profile, this information is locked and can not be changed again in order to assure security and to prevent spoofing/impersonating attempts. If you really require a change, contact CargoX support, who will verify your details before making the change.


Quick instructions: To prepare your account for full access you must complete company profile. Go to Company profile, click the Edit company details button. Enter company's data, including address, city, zip, VAT number and website. Upload company's logo. Save changes. You are done.

You can also watch a tutorial video or follow the extensive step-by-step guide below. You can also download this guide as PDF.

Step 1: Go to Company details

To verify and, if needed, update your company and contact information, go to Manage | Company details in the side menu. You can also click directly on the company name at the top right of the screen.


Step 2: Edit Company

You will see the details about the company, including the name of the company and the full address.

You can also see the first and last characters of the company's public blockchain address and the logotype. To view the full blockchain public address click the Reveal ETH address.

To change information, click the Edit company details button below.


Step 3: Change information and add the company logo

You can now edit all company-related information. Some fields are optional.

To change the logo, just click on the icon and provide a new file from the local disk.

../../../_images/company_details_3.png ../../../_images/company_details_4.png

Click the Save changes to continue.

You are done.