1.6.3. Company Tax Settings


Only EU-based companies will see the Tax settings tab within My company page.


Only a user with the Company manager permission can initiate the VAT verification. How to set your primary VAT number

If you are EU-based company, you will see the third tab called Tax settings, where you can verify your Primary VAT number against VIES database. Verifying your VAT number against VIES is optional.

On the page you can see your VAT location (Country) and your country's VAT rate. According to the EU law, when selling services, we are obliged to charge VAT at the rate of the country of the buyer.

The only exception is if the buyer / company is VAT eligible, as in this case the reverse charge - VAT exempt applies under Article 44 Directive 2006/112/ES. We are using the EU's VIES database to verify VAT-eligible companies.


To verify your VAT number against the VIES (European VAT database) click the green Verify now button below. Verifying your Primary VAT in VIES is free of charge. After a short time the VAT status will update.

If your VIES verification was successful the VAT rate will be shown as 0%, and your will not have VAT applied when buying units (per reverse charge of EU VAT taxation rule).

If your VIES verification fails you will continue getting your national's VAT rate charged with every purchase. Please note that even with VAT applied, you should still be able to get VAT back from your local tax authority, as this is your entry VAT. What can you do if VAT verification fails?

VIES verification can fail for a number of reasons. The most common problem is technical, as VIES service is sometimes not accessible. Trying again after a few minutes might solve your problem (go to My company | TAX settings and click the green Verify now button).

If it does not, there must be a problem elsewhere. You can verify the data for your company with VIES on your own (https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/), by choosing your country and entering your VAT number. Verify that you entered your VAT number correctly - it must be entered identically as it is in VIES.

If your VAT number exists and is valid, but listed company details do not match your company details on the CargoX Platform we can not complete your VIES verification. Please change your company details to the official one. It should match one in VIES.

If your VAT number is not in the VIES database, is not valid, or if it is valid, but there are no company details listed (name of the company, address), we can not verify you. For some countries (Germany, Spain) this happens, because the country decided it will not publicly show companies' data in VIES.

Either way, if you would like to apply to be VAT verified in our system, please provide us with your VAT Certificate. Document must show your company name, address, and VAT number. The document must be internationally readable - in English, or translated to English.

Please send a clear and readable PDF document to support@cargox.io with an email subject: VAT verification for (enter your company name).

Please note that VAT verification is OPTIONAL, as it only applies to the CargoX services invoices and VAT charged there; and is not a prerequisite for other services accessible through the CargoX Platform (such as ACI filings etc). If you are a company, you will still be able to get the VAT back from your tax authority as this is your entry VAT. How can European exporters manage multiple VAT numbers?

European companiers that have VAT numbers from other EU memberstates, can now configure those within their one CargoX account.

In your CargoX company profile, you can add additonal VAT numbers. At the time your Egyptian importer will enter new shipment information into NAFEZA in the process of obtaining a new ACID number, your multiple VAT numbers will be referenced to the NAFEZA.

NOTE: Your primary VAT number (which is described above, and which you can set up in the My company | Edit company details) needs to be verified before you can add more VAT numbers.

To add an additional VAT number, click the My company in the left sidebar, then navigate to the tab marked TAX Settings.

Click the grey Add VAT number button below, and enter your VAT number (in the format FR123456789 = country identification code + numbers, without the spaces or any other characters), and choose the country from the drop-down menu. Finally, click the green Add and Verify now button to complete the process.

VAT number will be verified in the similar process as when verifying the primary VAT number. If verification fails, you need to provide supporting documentation - send via email to support@cargox.io. Requirements for supporting documentation are same as detailed above.

You can add as many VAT numbers as needed.