1.6.4. Company Verification


Certain actions are only available to the Verified companies. Egyptian ACI filing is one such example, as the Egyptian customs require us to only allow ACI filing from verified exporters.


Only a user with the Company manager permission can initiate the verification process.

To begin the company verification process for your company, go to My company and click the Get verified tab.

Company verification process on the CargoX Platform consists of one internal and two external checks. Passing all 3 steps is mandatory to reach the verified status. Step 1: Verify and complete your company details

Open My company | Company details and verify your company details. If needed, make changes by clicking the Edit company details. button. Be sure to verify and, if needed change and complete, this information before initiating the verification at step 3, as any later change will reset your verified status.

CargoX uses public registry information to verify company details. As such the entered details should completely match the data in your country's official national company registry.

Make sure that your Company's name, address, and ZIP code and city matches the official company registry of your country, as this will allow you to smoothly pass the verification at step 3.

Double-check your company's legal entity identifier or registration number, as found in the official national company registry (number is usually issued by the governmental authority in the country of incorporation) and your VAT or TAX number if you have one. Optionally - if you have them - we strongly recommend that you enter all other identifiers such as DUNS, EORI and LEI numbers.

If you have not already, you can upload your company's logo (PNG, JPG or GIF formats only).

../../../_images/kyb_1.png Step 2: Bank verification

Second part of the verification is tied to the identity provided by your bank.

To initiate step 2, purchase some units through the billing and pay via bank wire. You can start the process in the Billing section of the CargoX.

Payment must come from your company's bank account, as we use this information to match it against your company details. When the match is confirmed, the first part of your company verification is complete. Step 3: 3-rd party verification service

Complete the verification process by successfully passing the public registry check.

In the My company | Get verified | Verify your data via 3rd-party service, start the process by clicking the "Verify now" button below. Before starting the verification, please double check your company details, and enter all company identifiers that you have (such as DUNS, LEI, EORI...). Please note that entering DUNS, LEI and EORI is OPTIONAL, and you can perform verification process without entering them. More information about your company we have to cross reference, higher the chance of a successful verification.

You can complete steps 1 & 2 immediately, and step 3 once we receive your bank payment, as the cost for this final verification is 15 units (15 USD).



In case your company verification FAILS: Before retrying, please double-check your company details to make sure they match the official record. If your company verification fails again, you need to provide us with an official document issued by your government that contains your company name, address, registration number, and tax number (if applicable).

This can either be a certificate or an official letter of incorporation, a certificate of business registration, a business license for your company, or a printout from the official government registry of corporations. The document should be more recent than 3 months and must be issued in English OR translated to English by a court-appointed judicial translator (or a notary in China).

The information must match the details in your CargoX company account. Please send a clear and readable PDF document to support@cargox.io with an email subject: Company verification for your-company-name.


Your verification status will be void, should you change your company name, address, registration number or tax/VAT number in My company | Company details. You will need to restart the 3-rd party verification step again.