1.6.8. Setting up departments/branchesΒΆ


Only a user with the "Manage company details" aka "company manager" permission is able to manage departments/branches and add or manage users.


Quick instructions: To add a department, edit your profile, and click Add new department button and enter department name. Then go to Users section, edit users and choose which department they belong to. You are done.

You can access department settings either via My profile or via Manage | Users. In this tutorial let's review the needed actions during the adding new user process.

Step 1: Add new department when creating new user

When adding new user the optional Department / Branch box is empty, and clicking on it will show an empty list.


To create a new department, click the Add new department link.


This will open a Department editor, where you can enter the Department name.

Enter department name and click the green Add button.

You can repeat the process to add more departments.


Step 2: Selecting a department for a newly created user


User can belong to only one department.

Finally, when clicking on the Department box, a drop down menu will show all options. Choose the department this user will be a part of.


When satisfied with entered data click Next to continue with user addition process.


Step 3: You are done

You can also set department for existing users by editing their profile - see the manage users , or for yourself by editing My profile.