1.6.7. Your blockchain keyΒΆ

Every user of the CargoX Platform needs a blockchain key to sign transactions and send documents in envelopes. Users can register more than one key with their account, and they can use the keys independently of each other.


Quick instructions: Go to My profile | Privacy & Security, click the Add new Blockchain key button. Click Create a new key, and create a password for encrypting it. Then download your blockchain key. Continue with verifying the key by pointing to downloaded file and providing its password. To complete the process complete email verification. Create a copy of the downloaded file and write down your password. You are done.

You can also watch a tutorial video or follow the extensive step-by-step guide below. You can also download this guide as PDF.

If you do not have a blockchain key registered, you will be offered to add your first blockchain key at the end of the company registration process and also at every login. Start the process by clicking the green Start button.


You can also start the process of adding a blockchain key manually. Click on your avatar image in the upper right corner, then select Privacy & Security (My profile) and finally click the grey Add new Blockchain key button.


Step 1: New or existing blockchain key

You can create your new blockchain key inside the web browser (it only takes a few seconds and it is free of charge), or you can use your existing blockchain key if you already have one.

Once you read the page confirm that you understand that CargoX can not restore your blockchain key for you (by clicking into the checkbox - red circle in photo below).

To create a new blockchain key, click the green Create a new key button. Skip to the next step!

To use your existing blockchain key, click the grey Add an existing key button, and follow the on-screen instructions. You can consult blockchain key guide for details about various types of blockchain keys supported). If you are adding a keystore file type of blockchain key, skip to Step 4. If you are adding other blockchain key types, follow the on-screen instructions, and refer to your key specific guides available here: Ledger, Trezor, MetaMask).


Step 2: Set the password for your new blockchain key

Choose and enter a password that will be used to encrypt your blockchain key file. This should not be the same password as your login password. Make sure you can not forget or lose your password (we advise to use a password manager). Click the green Next button to continue.


Step 3: Download your newly created blockchain key (keystore file)

The blockchain key is generated in your web browser locally which means that nobody - not even CargoX - ever sees your key or your key password.

First, click the green Download button to save the keystore file on your computer. Move the downloaded file from your download folder to a highly secure place where you will find it even a year from now. We recommend that you immediately store a copy of the file also on a USB drive and create a third copy somewhere else.


If you lose your blockchain key file or forget the password you encrypted it with, CargoX will be unable to restore the key for you.

Once you downloaded the key file successfully and stored it in a safe location confirm that by clicking into the checkbox (red circle in the photo below) and click Next.


Some companies have very restrictive IT security policies that essentially prohibit users to download anything from the internet. If you are unable to download the blockchain key file to your computer, click the I am unable to download files button for an alternative method. Skip to step 5.


Step 4: Link your blockchain key to your account (keystore file)

You have now successfully created and downloaded your blockchain key, and the only thing left to do is to associate it with your CargoX account.

Click the Choose file button and select your keystore file (blockchain key) from your computer. Provide the password to decrypt it in the field below.

This will unlock your blockchain key in your browser. Please note that your keystore file and your password never leave your computer - they are processed in your browser. Click Verify and Add to continue and skip to step 7.


Step 5: Copy contents of your newly created blockchain key

An alternative way to save your blockchain key is to copy the content of the encrypted blockchain key file (which is essentially just a text file).

Click the green Copy to clipboard button to copy the contents to the clipboard. Then paste the copied contents into a text document on your computer. Store that document in a safe place where you will expect to find it even a year from now. We recommend that you immediately create a highly secure backup copy.


If you lose your blockchain key file content or forget the password you encrypted it with, CargoX will be unable to restore the key for you.

Check the box below to confirm that you have copied the key successfully and saved that document to a safe location. Click Next to continue.


Step 6: Link your blockchain key to your account (keystore file contents)

You have now created a new blockchain key for yourself and stored its content on your computer. Now is the time to link the blockchain key to your CargoX account.

Pasting your keystore file content (the blockchain key) from the document where you saved it, and providing the password to decrypt it, will unlock your blockchain key in your browser. Please note that your keystore and your password never leave your computer - they are processed in your browser only.

Click Verify and Add to continue.


Step 7: Email verification

As an extra security measure, before allowing you to link a new blockchain key to your account, CargoX sends a code to your email. Please check your email and type the received code into the box. Click Submit to continue.


Step 8: Blockchain key added and activated

Your blockchain key is now linked with your CargoX account.

If you do not see a screen like the one below - especially the part where it says: The key has been activated and is ready to use - skip to Step 9.


In this case you are the first user from your company to add a blockchain key. Only the first blockchain key is activated automatically by the CargoX Platform.

As a security mechanism, all additional blockchain keys to your account, or other accounts in your company, must be activated after they have been added.

To activate another blockchain key, you must have an active blockchain key registered. Because you are now the only one with it, you will need to manually approve the second key and all consecutive blockchain keys.

You will also be required to manually approve blockchain keys of other users within your company.

You can also authorize your colleagues to do this. You can set these permissions at the time when you create their accounts (permission's name: company manager)

Once a new blockchain key is added within your company, the system will notify all users with permission to review it (they will receive an email notification once such action is needed).

Skip to step 10.

Step 9: Blockchain key added, activation pending

Your blockchain key is now linked with your CargoX account.

Before you can use it, it must be however approved by your CargoX administrator.

You will receive an email notification once this is done.


Step 10: Congratulations, you are done!

Your registration is complete.

You have successfully linked the blockchain key to your account. If it is not yet activated, we will send you an email once activation is done.

The suggested next steps:

  • Review your profile and complete your personal details. You can add your avatar photo, phone number, your department information, your position etc., and view your permissions on the platform (Account | My profile)

  • Review the company's profile, and add contact details and the company logo (Manage | Company details)***

  • Create additional user accounts for your coworkers (Manage | Users)***

  • Build your ecosystem and connect with other companies on the CargoX Platform, which will allow you to exchange documents with them (Manage | Contacts)***

A complete CargoX Platform users manual is available online, but you can start to explore the CargoX Platform dashboard right away.

If you have any questions, contact us at support@cargox.io.

***Allowed only if your account has the right permissions.