1.1. Quick Start GuideΒΆ

Follow this simple step-by-step Quick Start Guide (reading time 3 minutes), and get ready to use CargoX within minutes! This guide covers everything to get you started. There are no prerequisites, this is the only document you need to read/follow.

Detailed instructions are available during the registration process in case this guide leaves you with questions.


  1. Visit the CargoX Platform login page (https://cargox.digital) and click the blue Create an account button to begin.

  2. Provide your company's official full name and the country where it is registered. Click Next to continue.

  3. Enter your personal details. Each company on the CargoX Platform needs to have its own account, linked to a unique email address. Multiple accounts cannot share the same email address. Be sure to use a login password that is at least 10 characters long and uses a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.

  4. After you click the green Verify email button, check your e-mail, and type the received verification number into the provided box. Click the green Complete registration button to continue.

  5. Review the CargoX Platform Special Terms and Conditions, and if you agree with them, accept them by checking the box at the bottom.

  6. Your company's account has now been created and you are almost done. To complete registration you need to add a personal blockchain key to your account. Click the green Start button to continue.

  7. Click Create a new key to create a new blockchain key for yourself.

  8. Enter a blockchain key password that will be used to encrypt your keystore file. This should not be the same password as your login password. Click the green Next button to continue.

  9. Download the generated keystore file by clicking the green Download Keystore file button. Store the downloaded file in a safe place (we recommend that you immediately back it up to a USB drive). Click Next to continue. ALTERNATIVELY: If you cannot download the file, click the I am unable to download files, and copy the keystore file content and paste it into a document stored in a safe place on your computer (we recommend that you immediately back it up to a USB drive).

  10. To associate your newly created and downloaded blockchain key with your CargoX account, click the Choose file button, point it to your keystore file (the one that you just downloaded) and enter your blockchain key password. Click the green Verify and Add button to continue. ALTERNATIVELY: Paste your keystore file content from the document where you stored it into the window, and enter your blockchain key password.

  11. To finalize the blockchain key adding process, check your email and type the received verification number into the provided box. Click the green Submit button to finalize the process. When your blockchain key is activated successfully, you will receive an email notification.

Congratulations, you are done!

You can now login to your CargoX account with your username and login password and start using the CargoX Platform.

On the next login please complete the next steps:

CargoX user interface is clean and simple. To familiarize yourself with it read the complete User's manual or just read about The workspace. If you have any questions, contact us at support@cargox.io.