1.4.1. New company registrationΒΆ

The registration process must be completed only once for each Company.

If your company has already registered an account, ask your coworkers with access to the CargoX Platform to create an account for you.

Step 1: Register a new account

To register your company account on the CargoX Platform, open the https://cargox.digital and click the blue Create an account button.


Step 2: Enter your company's information

Start by entering your Company's name and country where it is registered.


Step 3: Enter your personal information

Now enter your personal details.


Please provide your business email address (avoid using personal @gmail or @hotmail addresses or general addresses like info@company.com).

Be sure to use a password that is at least 10 characters long and uses a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.

Now click the green Verify e-mail button. Check your email, and type the received verification code into the provided box.

Click the green Complete registration to continue.


Step 4: Review the CargoX Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the CargoX Terms and Conditions. You need to read, understand, and accept them to continue.


Step 5: Almost there ...

Your company registration is completed. Your personal account is currently the only administrator account for your company, so be sure to add a blockchain key to it.

Creating and linking your blockchain key to your account will allow you to approve other blockchain keys belonging to users in your company. This is also mandatory to unlock all the functionalities of the CargoX Platform and to perform any blockchain-related actions, for example - sending a document.

The blockchain key creation only takes you another minute and it does not cost you anything. Click the green Start button and follow the step-by-step guide on How to add your blockchain key.


Step 6: Congratulations, you are done!

Suggested next steps are:

The complete CargoX Platform users manual is available for your convenience. We suggest that you start by familiarizing yourself with the CargoX Platform's workspace first.