1.12.5. Challenge 4: Invite your business partners to the CargoX PlatformΒΆ

Before you can exchange documents on the CargoX Platform, you first need to connect with other companies on the platform.

Therefore, as task four, look around in your Contacts section to see which companies you are already connected to. Check whether your co-workers have already sent the invitations to connect to some other companies - or if you have any pending invitations from companies as well.

Then send invitations to connect to three new companies - these might be your business and transport partners or anyone who your company sends to or receives documents from.

All you need to do is provide their email, and the system will do the rest. This will only work if your account has permission to manage contacts for your company.


You might want to explain about the CargoX Platform to your partners first so that the invitation email they will receive, does not surprise them. We have prepared some email templates for that purpose.

What will happen?

If your business partners are not yet registered on the CargoX Platform, they will have to complete the registration process before you will see them in your contacts list (a short 5-minute process).

If they already have a CargoX Platform account, they only need to accept your invitation to connect - it only takes them one click.