1.12.3. Challenge 2: Company profileΒΆ

Your second challenge is to verify your company information in the Company details and update it as necessary.


Make sure you add, review and correct all the company details including your logo (by clicking on the icon) on the first time, as later changes go through manual approval process to assure high level of safety and consistence of the CargoX ecosystem. If you need to change anything later, a message box will appear where you can provide the instructions to CargoX staff, who will make the changes only if the verification checks out. If you want to add a logo later, email the PNG or JPG to support@cargox.io.

Why is it important to have a company details complete? Because every time you invite another company to connect with on the CargoX Platform, they will see your company information. If you leave some fields empty - the recipient will have less information to verify. This might delay their acceptance of your connect invitation or even prevent it altogether.

Once companies are connected on the CargoX Platform, they can see each other's details, so make sure you have entered the correct address, phone, etc. Also be sure to add a VAT (tax) number and website address.

Continue by checking the billing address (if it differs from the main address), and be sure to provide an email for billing information.


My company | Company details

If you need help editing the company details, here are the step-by-step instructions.