1.12.2. Challenge 1: Update your profileΒΆ

Your first challenge is to check your personal information. Verify the information and update it if necessary. Be sure to add your phone number, title, and department. You can also upload your photo.

Every time you send an invitation to connect to another company on the CargoX Platform, your contact details will be provided to the recipient. This allows recipient to verify that you are indeed a person they know from the real world. It also allows the invitee to contact you and ask you any questions they might have before accepting the invite and maybe even before creating their CargoX Platform account.

We suggest that you complete your contact details with your phone number, and your department and your position. You can also add a photo or an avatar image in your profile, which will further personalize your CargoX Platform experience (no one else will see your photo).


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If you need help, check out the update your profile help.