1.9.8. Archiving the envelopes to clear my workspaceΒΆ

To clean up your Inbox, Sent, or Returned folders, you can use the Archive button.

Similar to email, envelopes you send will be stored in the Sent folder, but the CargoX Platform will not automatically move envelopes you receive - either in Inbox or in Returned folders.

Instead, it is up to you to decide when you are done with them. The idea is to keep the envelope in the Inbox as long as the document there is a part of your work process or as a reminder that something needs to be done related to it.

Even after the document of title in the received envelope has been forwarded to the next party, the original envelope will still show in your Inbox, although it will no longer hold the title (ownership) of that document. This is indicated by the change of color of the document type icon (it will be grayed out).

You can not archive an envelope that contains an active document of title (one with full blockchain support). This means that the document needs to be accomplished first (either cargo needs to be released or the document destroyed).

To archive, the envelope, open the envelope and click the gray Archive button below.

There is no limit on the number of envelopes and documents you can have in your CargoX account or in the archive. CargoX offers 10 years of digital storage of your documents.