1.9.5. Collect payment envelope

As explained in Who will pay for the transfer? the vast majority of documents sent on the CargoX Platform are sent in a way where the issuer is covering the cost of the blockchain document transfer. But due to the flexibility of the CargoX Platform another use case - a collect payment - is also possible.

Collect payment allows the first recipient to cover the cost of blockchain document transfer over the CargoX Platform. The parties agree on the collect payment mostly for faster and easier onboarding of the issuer (since there are no costs for them, the internal procuring process is faster). Sending the envelope as a collect payment


Collect payment is only available when sending standard envelope. This feature is not available for the Egyptian ACI filing.

While the procedure to create documents and envelope is the same when using a collect payment method of transfer, the only difference comes during the Step 3 of transferring of the envelope, where the sender needs to select the Recipient will pay (pay to collect) option.

This will immediately update the total cost for the sender, as indicated in the example and two screenshots:


The cost of 0.2 units is now assigned to the recipient, while there is zero cost for the sender.


The sender still has to digitally sign the transfer with his private blockchain key, before the transaction can be initiated. As this transaction (and transfer of ownership/title) will only happen if the recipient accepts the costs - the actual blockchain transaction is delayed until the moment when the recipient accepts the incoming envelope.


After the sending process completes, the sender can find the "sent" envelope in the Sent folder, and clicking on it will show the status (pending acceptance), which will only change after the recipient reacts to it.

If the recipient accepts the costs, the status will change to Sent (and will show the exact timestamp of blockchain transfer); and if the recipient rejects the envelope, it will be returned to the sender's Returned folder, from where the sender can send it again, or delete it. Receiving the envelope as a collect payment

The recipient will get an email notification about the incoming envelope. Once the recipient logs into the CargoX Platform, a new folder titled Incoming will appear on the left side.


If the user clicks on the envelope in this folder, more details will be shown.

As ownership of this envelope and its documents are still with the sender, only limited details - such as the name of the document and document type will be shown.

Live preview or thumbnail is not available for the pay-to-collect incoming documents.

On the right side, the total cost for accepting this envelope is presented.

At the bottom of the screen the user has two buttons - he can either accept or reject the incoming envelope and related costs.


If the user rejects the incoming envelope, the sender is notified about it, and that is the end of the process.

If the user accepts the incoming envelope, a summary pop-up is displayed, again showing the total cost related to accepting this envelope. Once the user confirms the acceptance by clicking the green Yes, accept this envelope, the blockchain transaction is created and the transfer of ownership starts.


Since it might take between a few seconds and a few minutes for the blockchain transaction to complete, during this time the recipient sees the status of the envelope in the Incoming folder with an orange transaction pending status indicator.


After the blockchain transaction completes, the envelope is moved from the Incoming to the Inbox folder. Here, the recipient can normally open it and see all the details and documents in the envelope.