1.9.4. Forward the received documentsΒΆ

There are two ways to send a document on the CargoX Platform.

Forward is the simplest one, as it allows you to just forward one or more documents received on the CargoX Platform to the next recipient.

Step 1: The magic forward button

In your Inbox click on the envelope that contains the documents you wish to forward. To forward all documents in that envelope, click the green Forward button at the bottom.


Step 2: The new draft envelope

This will immediately create a new draft envelope, and attach to it all the documents contained in the selected envelope.

You now have the flexibility to either remove some of the documents in the draft or add more of them.

Step 3: Continue as with a new envelope

The rest of the process is identical to the composing of the new envelope process, therefore please follow instructions for creating and sealing a new envelope.

Step 4: Quick summary

After you add all the documents, select the recipient from the list of companies you are connected with and write an optional message.

Once you have chosen the recipient, added the document(s), and wrote an optional message, click the orange Seal button to prepare the envelope for sending.

IT IS SIMPLE: When using forward you do not need to fill any document properties, as those were already provided by the original issuer (uploader) of the documents.

IT IS FREE: There are no costs associated with forwarding the documents, as they were already paid for by the issuer (or the first recipient). You can read more about the CargoX pricing policy.

NEED MORE HELP? Visit the compose and seal a new envelope page for a step-by-step explanation of all elements of the compose screen.