1.9.9. Releasing the cargoΒΆ


Releasing the cargo is an irreversible process. This means that once the cargo is released, you can not undo the process. Once the cargo is released the document is marked as accomplished. After accomplishment, no further changes to the document are possible (including state or ownership change).


You can check both in the Privacy and Security section of My profile.


The Release cargo action is only available to the party that has been designated as the release agent for a particular document/shipment.

Accomplishing documents marks completion of the document's journey. Apart from the rarely used delete a document feature that is part of the amending process and used by issuers, the most frequently used accomplishing action is the release cargo process.

After the ship arrives at your port, you notify the consignee to provide the original B/L document as proof that cargo can be released into their possession. Since the issuer issued the B/L on the CargoX Platform in a digital form, the only valid way for you to receive that B/L is over the CargoX Platform.

Since only the title-holder can transfer a B/L document, this proves beyond any shadow of the doubt that whoever sent you the B/L document is indeed the rightful owner of this document of title. You can be sure there are no reasons not to release the cargo either into the hands of this party or following their instructions.

After you receive the B/L document via the CargoX Platform from the consignee you will receive an email notification from the CargoX Platform, and on your next login to the platform, the envelope/document will show in your Inbox.

Step 1: Open the envelope with the B/L document, inspect it

Click on the envelope with the B/L document you wish to release cargo for and open the document. Inspect the audit log to verify the authenticity of the document and the issuer. Verify all other details in the received documents and read the message that came along with the envelope as it might include specific instructions on how to handle the release of this cargo.

If you are a designated release agent for a B/L document, you will see a green Release cargo button available for the specific document.

Step 2: Click the Release cargo button

All transactions on the blockchain are irreversible and this also includes the release of the cargo. Please double-check that you are working on the correct B/L document before continuing.

Once you are ready to release the cargo, indicate this new status on the blockchain by pressing the Release cargo button.


Step 3: Double-check all data

The release cargo process always starts with an overview. Please carefully review the information as the release cargo process is irreversible! You can also review the instructions message if you received one with the envelope.

Once ready to continue click the green Next button.


Step 4: Digitally sign the release of the cargo

To confirm the release cargo action, you must authenticate and digitally sign it with your blockchain key. Select the checkbox if you understand and agree that the action can not be reverted, then click the green Sign and Release button to continue.


If you have two or more blockchain keys linked to your CargoX Platform account, you first have to choose which key you wish to use. If your chosen key is locked, you first have to unlock it.


Step 5: Cargo release is underway

After you confirm the release action, the CargoX Platform will generate the required blockchain transactions and send them to the blockchain. A few seconds later the summary will be shown. You can now close the Release cargo pop-up.


Step 6: Status of the cargo release

As you wait for the blockchain transaction releasing the cargo to complete you can observe the current status in the envelope view.

The animated white cubes icon on the green Release cargo button indicates that cargo release is pending. No other actions will be available until the action completes.


The speed of the actual cargo release depends on the state of the blockchain network and can normally take between a few seconds and a few minutes.

Once the animation stops and a green check-mark appears in the upper right corner of the document tile, the cargo release action is completed.

The gray Archive button also becomes active at the bottom.


Step 7: Cargo release is complete - check the status and audit log

The CargoX Platform provides superb visibility with a per-document audit log. Each document ownership or state change is written to the audit log, which you can see at any time by clicking on the Audit log button. You can also download the audit log as a PDF.

Completed B/L documents will remain in your Inbox, but you will notice the document type icon to be grayed-out, indicating that the envelope no longer holds the title of the document. Once you are done with a workflow around a particular document, you can easily remove it from your Inbox by clicking the Archive button which will move the document to the Archive folder. CargoX provides free digital storage of documents for a period of 10 years.