1.9.11. Return envelope to senderΒΆ

If you find a problem with one of the received documents - especially if these documents have full blockchain support like a bill of lading - the only way to amend these is to return them to the issuer through the CargoX Platform.

After you communicate with the Issuer - or with the party that sent you the document - you might want to return the document to the sender, effectively rejecting it.

If you need to return the envelope to the sender, you can use the simplified way, of just pressing the Return to sender button. This will immediately create a new draft envelope and set the receiver to the party that sent you the envelope. The envelope will contain all documents from the received envelope.


You still have the flexibility to remove some of the documents. Be careful what you send, as you are passing the ownership title of all included documents back to the original sender. You can optionally also add other documents from your computer, or from your Inbox like you would when using the compose new envelope.

It might also be a good idea to add a message below - explaining why you are returning the envelope and providing further instructions to the recipient.


Alternatively, you can just select the documents you wish to send, click the forward button and provide the recipient - same as when you are forwarding the envelope.

Once you are satisfied with the recipient, documents and message, click the orange Seal button to prepare an envelope for sending.


Using the Return to sender will address the envelope to the party that sent you the envelope. This might not be the same party as the original issuer of the document. Inspect information about the issuer of the document and double-check the recipient before sending the envelope as all transfers on the blockchain are final and irreversible.