1.9.12. Returned envelopesΒΆ

If there is a problem while transferring an envelope (documents) to the recipient, nothing is ever lost. If the blockchain transaction transferring the title of the document fails, it means that you are still the owner of the document.

This happens only when the underlying blockchain network is experiencing abnormal behavior which is very rare. In an event of a failed delivery, the affected documents will be returned to you.

A new folder titled Returned will appear, along with a number indicating how many envelopes it contains.

In this folder, you will find all the envelopes (and documents) that were not transferred to the recipient. You can open them and try to transfer them again. We suggest that you wait a few minutes before you do.

After you have successfully transferred the documents, you can archive the envelopes in the Returned folder.



If the document transfer fails you will not be charged. Only successful transfers are charged as per our price list (if you are an issuer).