1.9.3. Transferring the envelopeΒΆ


Sending the envelope is an irreversible process. Once you can send it, it is impossible to undo the process, as the ownership information passes to the recipient via the immutable (unchangeable) blockchain transaction.


You can check both in the Privacy and Security section of My profile.

Step 1: Verify that the envelope is sealed

Only an envelope that is sealed can be transferred. If you still see the orange Seal button, the envelope is not yet sealed. To verify if the envelope is sealed, look at the available action buttons. If you see the green Transfer button you can continue.

Step 2: Click the Transfer button

To initiate the transfer click the green Transfer button.

You can do that while viewing the envelope - the green button is at the bottom left side of the envelope pop-up:


You can also transfer the envelope from the envelope listing in your Drafts folder. Just click the green Transfer button at the end of the line:



If you do not see the Transfer button or if your blockchain key is locked (the key icon next to the user's image is red), check the prerequisites at the beginning of this page to resolve.

Step 3: Double-check all data

The transfer process always starts with an overview. Please carefully review which documents you are about to transfer, and especially to whom, as the transfer is irreversible! You can also review the message you attached to the envelope.

You need to decide who will pay for the transfer and review how much the transfer will cost (in units). Normally the issuer (uploader) of the document pays, but alternatively, collect payment is possible where the first recipient will cover the costs.

When you are ready to continue click the green Next button.


Step 4: Digitally sign the transfer

To confirm the transfer, you must authenticate and digitally sign it with your blockchain key. Select the checkbox to confirm you understand the transfer can not be reverted, and click the green Sign and Transfer button to continue.


If you have two or more blockchain keys linked to your CargoX Platform account, you can choose which one you wish to use. If the chosen key is still locked, you will have to unlock it in order to be able to sign and transfer an envelope.


Step 5: Transfer is underway

After you confirm the transfer, the CargoX Platform will generate the required blockchain transactions and send them to the blockchain. A few seconds later the summary will be shown. You can now close the pop-up by pressing Close or [X] in the upper right corner.


Step 6: Status of the transfer

To verify the status of the transaction, click on the Sent folder.

You can see the status of envelopes that are in transit - they have the orange SENDING tag present as seen below.


The speed of the actual transfer depends on the throughput of the blockchain network at a given time. Transfers normally take between a few seconds and a few minutes, but they can also take more time. You can click on the orange SENDING tag for more details.

Once the orange SENDING tag disappears, the transfer is completed, and the ownership of the documents in the envelope has passed from you to the recipient.

Step 7: Transfer is complete - check the status and audit log

Click on the sent envelope. As shown in the screenshot below, you can see that the envelope was delivered (it has a green tag). The timestamp describes when it was delivered into the possession of the recipient.

The CargoX Platform provides superb visibility with a per-document transaction log. Each document ownership or state change is written to the audit log, which you can see at any time by clicking on the Audit log button (and for document types that have full blockchain support - also by confirming on the blockchain).