1.9.6. Unsealing the envelopeΒΆ


If you have already completed the sealing process of your new envelope, you can no longer add or remove documents into it, or make any other changes to the envelope.

Step 1: Unseal the envelope

If you wish to make changes, you have to first unseal the envelope.

To do that just click the gray Unseal button at the bottom of the envelope pop-up.


Step 2: Make the change

Now you can edit the envelope again, add or remove documents, change properties and document type, select a different recipient, and edit the text message.

Step 3: Continue with...

You can leave your envelope unsealed in the system and make changes later.

Once you make all the necessary changes and wish to continue towards transferring the envelope, first seal it again by clicking the Seal button. There are no limits on how many times you can seal and unseal the envelope.

You can leave the sealed envelope in your Drafts folder to transfer it later, or you can continue with the transfer.

Alternatively, you can also delete your draft envelope if you no longer need it.